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    I often throw vegetables into the frying pan along with meat/ eggs/ liver. Mushrooms and purple sprouting broccoli are a good combination; finely chopped kale is good, too, and absorbs juices beautifully.

    And there are stews and soups... hm, not quite the season for those for you, though. Smoothies, then.

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    Leftovers are my lunch, mostly. If there are no leftovers, it can be just coffee with cream. Sometimes, I'll just eat a can of salmon. Others, I may fry some eggs sunny side up and throw on some cheddar and bell pepper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peril View Post
    So eat something different. Really, its not hard
    Exactly. I eat salad a few times a week as a side dish to whatever else I'm eating. I don't think I could eat it as a main dish every day. My lunches are usually leftovers or some sort of stir fry of meat (usually chicken) + veggies + spices. There are nearly endless combinations of veggies and spices.
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    I'm not a big fan of salads either. I'm usually on the road for lunches so I throw something together that I can eat and drive at the same time. Usually it a wrap of some sort, yesterday's was some left over chicken, half an avocado and half a tomato wrapped with 3 romaine leaves. If I know I will be somewhere where I can eat with both hands I bring warm leftovers in a thermos

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    Definitely try that great spinach and coconut flour "bread" that's been posted here a few times. No more difficult than making pancakes from scratch and're back to eating sandwiches whenever you want!

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    Seconded re: stir fry. Lots of variety possible, with or without meat... Different sauces... Might do the trick to help you mix it up a little (so to speak!)

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    grill meat+steam veggies+wash fruit

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    Just for the record, I almost never eat salads. Think optimal foraging theory; at what point did humans sit around eating bowls of greens that don't have any calories.

    +1 to the advice here. Dinner foods in tupperware (ideally glass bowls instead of all plastic). I make a bit extra every night and put the remainder in a lunch container. I may also through in a container of greek yogurt if the lunch is a little light on calories or protein.

    Worst case, I grab a couple of vegetarian (blech) but gluten free microwave enchiladas and bring those.

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    I do go through the "can't eat another salad" mood quite regularly. Today I think I will order a BLT sandwich without the bread. Mayo on the side for putting on the tomatoes.
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    I'm sick of salads too... especially 'cause none of that stuff is in season here anymore, so it's just not the same... i've been making a huge pot of this every week.. filling & delicious!

    1lb ground beef
    1lb of stewing beef
    1 large can of diced tomatoes
    a pepper (whatever colour you prefer, I use red/orange/yellow)
    crushed clove (or 2) of garlic
    Italian Seasoning

    That's it.. it makes an easy, super thick & filling soup. Delicious!!

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