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    Primal/paleo is probably what CAUSED my PCOS. Sugar and grains aren't the problem, PUFAs are. A chronic low-sugar diet did NOTHING for me in the 2000s; now, in my 40s, I'm healthier and look better. Thank you Ray Peat!

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    @fiercehunter: Primal/Paleo by itself is NOT high in PUFAs seeing as how fat from animals is generally sat. fat. O3 and O6 being essential fatty acids that the body can't make on its own are necessary from diet. Adding a lot of extra oils to your diet would increase the PUFAs though and if your ratio way way off it could have been creating an environment rife with inflammation. If you were also consuming a fair amount of fruit with that way of eating it could have created a bigger problem with weight control.

    If the Ray Peat W.O.E. works for you, great, that doesn't mean it will work for everyone.

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    Have to ask. Those of you that needed/wanted to lose weight. What was/is your diet like?
    And how quickly did you actually lose weight?
    I haven't started exercising yet, but it feels like I should've at least lost something by now instead of losing and then regaining the same water weight over and over again.
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    When I went primal 3 years ago, I was 5'3" and 168lbs. About 1 month postpartum. It was a slow loss. I think about 20 the first year and then the next 10 the 2nd year. I followed the Primal Blueprint. My carbs were from non starchy veggies and dark chocolate and almond flour treats/muffins.

    I then started adding back sweet potatoes and rice. I ended up stalling. Then I've went through digestive healing so the stall continued. I am now getting back to the good old recommendations from Mark. For myself, my type of PCOS I seem to do better with low carb.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aingealag View Post
    I just wondered by what process you were diagnosed with PCOS?
    When the doctor suspected PCOS, they did an ultrasound early in the cycle, saw many small follicles that didn't mature. All hormones within normal range.

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