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Thread: How did you learn about primal/paleo?

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    I first heard of a primal-ish way of eating with Atkins/Protein Power. I did it for a while but I was in college at the time and it was near impossible to adhere to when I depended on the school cafeteria and lived in the dorms. I also had a hard time accepting/agreeing with the veggie and fruit restrictions.

    I fell back into conventional wisdom dieting and did find some success when I stopped worrying about fat and cut out processed foods and candy. But I floundered during a stressful year. During this time I came across MDA and scoffed at the no grains/starches bit (about two years ago).

    This past January I rediscovered MDA and "had ears to hear" and decided it was worth testing out. I'm feeling great now after 2 weeks of about 90/10 adherence. I don't feel deprived at all and I'm excited to see my body changing. LOVE primal!

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    My history:

    I used to be a skinny guy(under 70kg) in my teens who started wheightlifting when I was 18. Got into taking supplements for "progress", lots of gainer products, and when I was around 27 I was at 94kg and around 25-30%bf. I was pretty strong but way to heavy. Started with morning walks, and lost some weight, got down to about 87. Eating lots of carbs(pasta lover). Had a baby = less time to prioitize my own eating = lost some more. down to 83kg.

    In all tis time I was into the conventional 60& carb eating, since this was the way you "should" eat. I love training(everything that gets you moving), so i had to eat lost of carbs to "stack" my glucogen depot.

    This winter I went to a lecture on paleodiet(a term I vaugley remembered from an old musclemag i bought about 10 years back, but my interrest from then faded).

    After this inspiring lecture i "tried", mostly to se if it helped my endurace training( I was mad about the fact that I ran out of energy after 45 minutes of running). The result I got pretty soon was that I got the energy to last way longer than my cardio vascular system(Bingo! it worked!), so I simply continued to refine my Low carb hi fat eating. In Sweden there is an exellent triathlete, Jonas Colting, who has declared war on the carb industry( most of our national teams in endurance sports, and other sports as well are sponsored by the grain and white flour industry). I got a lot of inspiration from his site(, in swedish, sorry). BUT, in one text he mentioned MDA and from there, I got to here, and now I am a promotor of the 80/20 PB lifestyle(will get my first pair of fivefingers this week).

    And my results:

    I around 80kg and I am as strong as when on 94kg.

    By no effort I keep loosing BF, I do not measure this other then in the mirror, veins keep popping up where I used to be "flat". This is not the purpose of going PB but a positive side effect.

    My endurance is great since I am fatdriven.

    NO sugar dips before meals or after training, no meal coma attacks. The driving urge for food I used to have is simply gone, but I stil enjoy eating.

    I'm more alert all day long, with (almost)no mood swings related to sugar.

    I can definelty also say my immunal system works better, since I have not had a cold since starting, and I am exposed to lots of "stuff" in my work as a teacher. Before, two colds per semester was the norm( frustrating periods of NO training.

    Thanks for reading this log.

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    I wound up reading MDA last summer, via the Crossfit forums (which I bumbled into via researching Starting Strength). Liked what I read, especially after blasting through Good Calories, Bad Calories in July. Started eating more PB-like in late August and September, and melted nearly 10 pounds off in 10 days of being strict.

    Since then, I've wavered around a bit, done more reading, but have mainly stuck to the 80/20 PB guideline, and have seen my weight slowly drop down (now 20 pounds down from last summer, vastly reduced triglycerides, slowly lowering blood pressure) over the months.

    Looking at incorporating more randomness into my daily life in terms of my IF "schedule" (had been pretty rigid) and workout routine (I follow Crossfit603's routines, but have to make work-related adjustments ... like today).

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