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Thread: Breaking in my VFF - or should I say my feet and legs page

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    Breaking in my VFF - or should I say my feet and legs

    Thrive Market
    starting to break in my VFF. Each evening this week I've been taking 30-45min walks around the neighborhood with my 2.5yo daughter, walking at her speed, while carrying my 6mth son in an ergo carrier, and wearing my VFF.

    my calves are sore, as are my hips, and butt. I may not be walking fast but I'm still getting a workout from these shoes! and it looks like i'm going to get a walk in tonight too... as the rains have stopped.

    eventually I'll work my way up to running in them...

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    Awesome way to ramp up with them!

    I've had mine for about 2 months. I just walked 4 miles in them, picking out the muddy spots to squelch in. Such fun! My feet are all tingly and happy.

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    Good idea to break them in slowly.

    I LOVE mine and have started wearing them with jeans or sweats on the weekend (i.e. just to go to the grocery store).

    My only "pain" (besides calves) has been that I keep getting blisters on the bottom of my heel...not the back, but the actual bottom of my foot on the heel. It takes up almos the whole heel!


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    I bought some vibrams Monday when I was in London and Tuesday evening I wore them most of the evening while I did simplefit prepared dinner and pottered round. I also did a short run to the end of the road and back, about 300m each way and I'm still in pain now!!

    The woman in the shop said take it easy and run for only 10 or so mins first time, what!?! I ran a fraction of that and they destroyed me LOL!

    I am gutted because they felt great but I am trying not to use them until I can walk properly again!

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    for the tragically unhip ( Moi ) why do VFFs' have a different effect than going about barefoot as regards those sore muscles?

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    I suggest being really carefuly when you run in them - I got a little too overconfident b/c my calves were finally not getting sore. I was jogging on a hardpack dirt trail. I don't know what i stepped on, but i think it was either a little dirt ball or a rock & my whole metatarsal was crippled for like a month! Probably woulda healed up quicker if i hadn't been wearing ballet flats with no support to work - once it got a little cooler & i wore more substantial shoes w/ more support, my foot felt fine.

    Now i'm back to jogging in vffs & i'm very very careful to look where i'm going now! btw, i have bikilas & i really like them. Much better than the sprints I originally bought.

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    I suppose one diff between being a VFF newbie and a barefoot newbie is that it's easier to overdo it with the VFFs since you don't get the "oh, hmm, my soles fel worn out" feedback so much.
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