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Thread: low carb flu

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    Actually, I have gone through this sort of thing periodically. Ironically I also drink way too much water which I have cut down on drastically because of this issue and visiting my doctor.

    Too much water can deplete your sodium to dangerously low levels.
    I also had a potassium and magnesium deficiency to go with this.

    I no longer have water on my work desk. I have to get up and go get a drink when I am thirsty. Helps tremendously. I think you should drink adequate water but there is such a thing as too much as I learned. In extreme cases you have the girl who won the water drinking contest in Boston and then died. Just using that as an example that there is such a thing as too much water.

    Don't let this be a trip to the ER because you passed out and cracked your head open like I did.

    Until I could get a handle on this, I drank a cup of broth or a few tablespoons of sodium before a workout or if I could feel a headache coming on. You may need to do this until you can get it under control.

    Keep us posted.

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    also....this may be worth a trip to your doctor anyhow. The first thing my doctor was concerned about is that excessive thirst is a sign of diabetes.

    If your doctor is not on board with this eating lifestyle, gift him/her a book or get a new doctor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by New Renaissance View Post
    A gallon of water a day isn't that much over the course of 24 hours especially if you are active. It just sounds like a lot.
    Maybe it's a personal thing, but that is a TONNE of water for me. I drink when thirsty and don't experience any signs of dehydration such as dry skin and lips, but my total water intake for a day is max 8 cups.

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    1 gal. = 16 cups = 128oz.
    1 cup = 8 oz. (US Measure)

    Are you drinking Cups or Glasses? A glass is usually 12-16oz. Sometimes 20.

    I don't always drink a gallon a day, but when it's hot I feel like crap if I don't. I know I'm dehydrated by a strong headache. It's even worse with extra salty foods.
    It looks funny when you carry around a gallon water bottle all day, but if you have a liter bottle, you're ok. It's easy to kill 4 Liters a day and not think about it. For some reason a gallon jug seems like a lot, when it really isn't that much.

    There is nothing wrong with drinking less. It is a personal decision, and if you feel great on half a gallon a day, then you are still doing better than most people. I just have a whole different set of requirements unique to me, just as you have yours, and the next person has theirs. To each their own.
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    i had intense low-to-mid level headache for almost a week and a half .. and constantly felt thirsty on my "carb flu" journey
    both went away at the same time ... around 10-12 days in ..

    i went completely cold turkey

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