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Thread: New Lipid Panel

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    New Lipid Panel

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    Hello folks,

    I just finished my yearly physical and my new blood works looks like this:

    Total Chol: 254
    HDL: 92
    Trig: 103
    LDL: 141 (using Iranian method: 138)

    So my CHOL/HDL ratio is 2.8 (in the ideal range)
    My Trig/HDL ratio is 1.19 (in the ideal range)
    And my HDL/LDL ratio is .65 (in the ideal range)

    My doctor, of course, wants me on statins since my LDL is above 130. I said no.

    I explained that I eat only whole foods and no grains, starchy tubers, or sugar and that means eating a greater percentage of my total calories as protien and fat, which may increase serum cholesterol levels. I also asked what evidence there was that high cholesterol causes of CV disease. He recommended I consult a dietitian. I said no.

    I'm 48 years old, eating Primal for about a year, two strength and three high intensity interval workouts per week. I'm fitter, healthier, and stronger than I have ever been in my life, and my doctor wants me on statins. Again, I said no.

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    Good job on the numbers and on the overall health and strength. And tell your doctor to go pound sand (those aren't really the words I would choose, but I'm trying to keep the language clean).

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    If you're willing to string your doctor along a little, ask for the VAP or NMR test (one or the other, not both). As I understand if, these tests measure the LDL directly, and can also indicate the particle size. With your numbers you're likely to be Pattern A (large fluffy LDLs) which is benign.

    Yay you! Those numbers look great.

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