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Thread: 80/20 what does that mean to YOU

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    80/20 what does that mean to YOU

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    We see it all the times in the posts, often when talking about why we chose to partake in a big 'no-no'. But what is YOUR personal definition, how do you use the 80/20 rule?

    In the PB book Mark suggests shooting for 100% and in actuality you will probably come closer to 80/20.

    I know some people figure in to their plan 80/20 with the weeks worth of meals, for example, if you ate 2 times a day you could have 2.8 meals during the week that were not primal (THAT sounds risky for me personally, I would have a hard time getting back on plan)

    What is YOUR personal definition of 80/20? And be nice......let's not bring out the clubs if someone does not agree with you!

    For me, My 20% comes from my treat of a square of 85% chocolate about 4-5 times a week, the use of SO Coconut Milk, unsweetend for occational use in coffee or tea, or on berries, and the use of Best Foods Mayonaise about 2-3 times a week.......So I guess mine are of ingredients that have sugar or are processed, but I use them very sparingly. Since I am seeking substantial weight loss I am really careful to keep control on these things.

    What about you? How do you use it? Do you feel your use of the 80/20 rule could be causing you problems--if so, how?
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    Personally, I consider the primal borderline stuff (dairy, dark chocolate, dried fruit, alcohol, nuts) to be "20%" items. I prefer to keep them down around 5% of my actual intake -- going up to 20% on those items seems like a LOT of less-than-ideal food.

    Grain, sugar, and processed foods are not "20%." They are very occasional (like once a month), chosen EXCEPTIONS from my way of eating.

    Yes, that's stricter than Mark's basic PB. I like it that way.

    ETA: I blogged about this a while back. The roommate in the post has now been primal (70-90%, few workouts) since about March and his abs are starting to show!
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    For me 20% means enjoying wings, fries and blue cheese dressing once a month, an occasional can of Zevia or square of dark chocolate for dessert, or ice cream if I cannot resist temptation.

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    For me: my morning coffee(half caf/half decaf) w/heavy cream and stevia, using mayo or ranch dressing a couple times a week, a square of dark chocolate once a week, an occasional glass of red wine (1-2 a month), non-primal oils or nitrated meats when eating out, and just eating the best I can though it might not be perfect when eating with others (like I will eat the green beans and meatloaf that probably has some grains in it but skip the macaroni and cheese, rolls, and cake).

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    Shit, lately I live 60/40. I haven't been able to cook for myself much lately and since my folks always cook protein meats first and foremost I've been eating with them a lot. I know they don't care to cook with the coconut oil I bought them...

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    it means no stress. do the best you can in a given situation, and let the dice fall where they may.

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    I don't consider 100% dark chocolate to be part of my 20%, I eat it every now and then as a primal dessert. For me 20% is a roll of sushi every other week, the ocassional beer, or beans when I get a burrito bowl at Chipotle.

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    Funny how I've changed in a relatively short period of time. When Mark asked this question as part of the challenge, my 20% was mostly taken up with a daily oatmeal, albeit made with ever decreasing ratio of grains to eggs. Right after sending in that response, I figured...why am I spending my 20% on ONE thing? So I quit it and haven't eaten oatmeal since.

    For me, the 20% is very much dairy. I probably eat more than is ideal, though I've switched to grassfed, or raw when I can get it. The only issue I'm curious one day to experiment with is whether I'd improve my skin by quitting it entirely. An experiment for the future!

    I count 85% or less chocolate as part of 20. 99% is part of the 80 to me.

    I eat some almonds.

    Occasional glass of wine.

    I don't count coffee or tea in the 20.

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    It means that 20% of total food intake should be chocolate, right?


    Luxuries - like the amazing lemon tart at a family gathering at the weekend, or truly excellent chocolates or Maison Blanc patisserie or something every week or three. When I know there's one of these with my name on it, crappy sweet junk food looks a whole lot less attractive.

    75% chocolate is a daily thing, though. Would like to see an army of Groks try to separate me from that.

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    I don't think I really allow myself the full 20 on most days. I use Mayo with olive oil instead of making my own or I will use some premade dressings rather than making my own. That is about it so far, occasionally, like once a week or every 2 weeks I will have some cheese, that is about it. For the first time in a month I had some ice cream cake last night because it was my birthday party at home with the family, I didn't have any ill effects and didn't trigger any sugar cravings. Maybe because the calories were 210 a slice with 100 of the calories coming from fat
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