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Thread: Grass fed beef questions

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    Grass fed beef questions

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    Today I found out that the market in my train station in downtown Chicago sells Tallgrass beef products. This is great; I have access to grass fed beef on any day I go into the office. I bought a ribeye which is my go to cut of beef for fat content and flavor. I'd like to start eating more grass fed beef but ribeyes are expensive. What are some suggestions for cuts of beef that deliver more fat for your buck? Also, Tallgrass seems to have a really good reputation, but I thought I'd get some feedback from the MDA community on this particular brand, either good or bad. Thanks everyone!

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    A t-bone has similar fat content as a rib eye, but is usually a bit cheaper.

    Of course there's always ground beef. The upside of ground beef (grass fed, that is) is that you can pick your fat content, and you usually get some tasty, nutrient rich organs in there too

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    Chuck steaks in the crock pot, FTW!!!!!!

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    ground and big roasts for the crock pot. mmmmm

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