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Thread: Proper Fat/Protein/Carb Ration

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    Smile Proper Fat/Protein/Carb Ration

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    Sorry about the title, it should say ratio.

    I'm a 20 year old college student trying to make this whole Primal thing work. I'm 6'1", 180 lbs, 15% bodyfat and consuming around 2000 calories a day. I follow a HIT workout routine twice a week, run sprints once or twice and swim/walk regularly. Over the past week, I've done some IF such as skipping meals.

    I have been tracking my calorie breakdown on the dailyplate for a week and my macronutrient percentages look like this: 60% Fats, 5% Carbs, 35% Protein. I'm eating plenty of eggs and grassfed beef, lamb, and cage-free chicken. For fats, I mainly eat coconut oil, coconut milk, and olive oil along with whatever saturated fat comes from the meat. As far as carbs go, my only carbs come from coconut milk, nuts and vegetables, I've completely cut out fruit over the last week, but I use an unflavored whey protein isolate to supplement my protein intake. If anyone has any recommendations, I would appreciate it. Thanks guys!
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    I strive to hit your ratios and have a hard time doing it. Congrats! I think you're doing great!
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    Sounds good! Mine is similar, but I shoot for 70% fat.

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