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Thread: Glucosamine and Chondroitin?

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    Nutmeg: I check into Quackwatch pretty often. Like everything else I check, I go with trepidation. Everybody lies, some 'innocently' and some really mean it. I taught my kids and now my grandkids to check everything, especially if it is in the news.
    I find that I have some success with glucosamine and chondroitin. I have knees that have been severely damaged. With the supplements I do pretty well and can go up and down stairs a few times during the day and even approach a three mile an hour quick walk on a treadmill. Without them it is nearly impossible to go from room to room without swelling and redness and PAIN. The morning starts pretty well and the afternoon ends up in a chair if I don't use those supplements. Either I am one of the few lucky ones or I really can fall for a placebo. Whatever. It helps me get by.
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    I tried glucosmine on its own; didn't do anything for the aching toe; didn't try another bottle. I read somewhere (sorry, I know exactly how helpful that is) that it works better in combination with chondroitin; didn't try that, though.

    Currently I'm trying celadrin - swallowing some capsules, cutting others open to rub the stuff in. It provides short term pain relief; don't know yet if it does anything else.

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    I can honestly say that I don't like taking *anything*... pain relievers, vitamins, supplements... I just don't like pills or capsules of any kind. I really don't know why, but on the rare occasion I have a headache, I'll just suffer through it. Maybe it's just pure stubbornness?

    However, I did try Glucosamine/Chondroitin for the first time about 2 years ago on a high recommendation from a co-worker (total gym rat... probably to the extreme) for my minor knee pain. Anyway, I bought 2 bottles and was on the stuff for 2 months. I really didn't notice anything..... until about 3 weeks after they ran out and I stopped taking them. I kept thinking to myself, "why are my knees so sore". Finally I mentioned it to my wife and she reminded me that I took G/C for 2 months. Huh.... interesting.

    I have done this on a couple of other occasions over the last 2 years, and I always end up buying another bottle or 2. Maybe I'm just one of the lucky few... or just insane.
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