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    Had a job yesterday shooting a health fair at a rural hospital. They would bring people through for a series of tests and then consult them at the end. I listened to them tell these poor folks to eat a low fat/high carb diet. Also to limit their sugar intake while offering cc cookies, rice k. treats and lemonade to everyone in the room. Also... literally hundreds and hundreds of cigarettes littering the hospital front. WTF?

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    Good grief... somebody stop these people! Seriously, this is sick. Even if low fat/high carb was the way to go, there's no way they should be offering Rice Krispie Treats and chocolate chip cookies. There's a name for that kind of crap: "poison under any dietary laws".

    Maybe the Primals should get together some time and have a health expo. I know the local fair could use one.

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    How many of the people working at the health fair booths and tables are members of the Korg family?

    Primals ought to attend these fairs. Obvious health - beautiful skin, hair and muscle tone - ought to draw those looking for advice. Or, the seekers could visit a Korg who is handing out the low-fat lifestyle pamphlets?

    I am moving to an area soon that has just these sorts of fairs. I'm going to check the next one out to see if it's a freakshow.

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    Lol I am not surprised! During my college's orientation, they talked about healthy eating habits yada yada, then for lunch they had: sandwiches (on white bread!), cookies, soda and chips.

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