Now we all know that Granny knows best, and the best thing for sending you off to the land of Nod is a soothing mug of warm milk, hot choccie or, over here in Blighty, Ovaltine or Horlicks (my mum's late father swore blind he couldn't sleep at night without his Ovaltine)

But, just recently I've been wondering, what if dairy was the cause of insomnia, NOT the cure...?! If you're casein intolerant, could eating/drinking dairy actually keep you awake at night (and could this be the root of the old 'eating cheese late at night will give you nightmares'...? myth that our Grannies must have told us at some point).

Maybe I should have stuck this in odds and ends, but I was thinking if anyone had any credible research on the subject, then it would be more beneficial to everyone to stick it here.

Cheers, me ducks!