I recently stumbled across the PB online looking for a way to lose weight.

I am around 270 right now, 6`1 and trying to get off 40-50 pounds. I started out a couple weeks ago and this is generally what I have been eating:
-70-120 grams carbs from fruits and vegetables
-around 200 grams of protein, mostly fish and meats, no eggs as I am allergic, and 2 soops of protein powder per day
-70-120 grams of fats

I have some good results, but I am slightly concerned about calories. Depending on how much I can eat I consume 1500-2300 calories.

How does my program look and are there places I should be tweaking it.....

Thanks for any advice, I know there are people who have been on here along time and know what they are talking about!