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Thread: Reverse & melt away Heart Disease

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    Reverse & melt away Heart Disease

    Yes melt away and dissolve the plaque built up in our arteries from years of eating wheat, grains & trans fats.

    I was EXTREMELY skeptical that this was possible when I first discovered Cardiologist Dr. Davis blog:
    He promotes his "Track Your Plaque" program to measure, track & eliminate heart disease. Was this just more Internet Bullsh*t? Or was it real? I had no confirming evidence for nearly 3 months, until today.

    Today, on the TV Show, "The Doctors," there was a short clip on Bill Clinton's extensive heart disease. It was said that Bill had naturally melted away and dissolved his artery blocking plaque by diet alone. Yes eliminating the Conventional Wisdom High Carb, Low Fat diet has reversed Clinton' extensive heart disease. They rushed through the details of his diet, so not much else was said. Here are the details of Bill's diet:
    This was good enough evidence for me to help confirm the Dr. Davis "Track Your Plaque" program, that it really is possible to reverse heart disease, even though Clinton's diet & the Dr. Davis diet aren't the same. Both diets share a focus on fruits & veggies, where Clinton eliminates ALL fats, goes Vegan, and Dr. Davis only eliminates the unhealthy fats.

    The Dr. Davis program is basically the Primal Diet with a focus on losing weight, especially abdominal fat, and some sophisticated blood testing programs.

    I'll keep this thread updated with any further REPUTABLE confirming evidence that I find.

    Best of health to all,
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