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Thread: San-San going WILD - Hear me roar, my PB journal

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    Cool San-San going WILD - Hear me roar, my PB journal

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    Hello fellow primal friends.

    Okay, so I've already have made my first and very pleasing experiences with the Paleo Diet (Doc Cordain) 2 years ago. I fell of the wagon due to Christmas and a vacation (Hawaii ahhhh).

    Anyway, since I want:
    to lose 30 pounds (15kg)
    smooth skin
    looking good naked (and in boots)
    get the inflammation and other health issue spirited away

    I've decided to go Paleo/Primal again.

    Todays stats:
    weight 139 lbs
    BF: 30 %
    Muscle: 34,2 %

    I'm 5.3" or 1,62 m tall.

    All those success stories have really inspired me and I will definitely go to read them when I need some reasons as to why to stick to it.


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    Todays food:
    B: 1 chocolate protein shake and 1 cup of mint tea
    S: Red Delicious apple
    L: 2 eggs, some green beans and carrots, grapes in mascarpone for dessert
    S: some nuts
    D: goats cheese ca. 100 g or less, grapes in mascarpone
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    I'm not the most knowledgeable about this stuff but I think you need to eat more. Like meat.
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    Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.

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    Mmh, I've had this idea too. But funnily I feel full after those meals!? We'll see how it changes. And I eat meat, it just happened that I didn't eat meat yesterday. Thank you nonetheless.

    Totally forgot the exercise, so yesterdays exercise was walking for about 3 hours (to and fro an art exhibition, in it and then a bit of shopping)

    Todays meals so far:
    B: 1 chocolate / strawberry proteine shake, black (blue garden) tea, 1 Red Delicious apple
    L: Turkey hen cutlet with brussels sprouts and mascarpone, fresh grapes as dessert, applemint tea
    D: 2 eggs sunny side up fried with coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of cottage cheese, 3 slices of camembert cheese, my last pieces of smoked tofu, 1 kaki fruit
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    So I did a little testing yesterday evening. I've had the habit to snack on something when reading in bed (I read a bit to end the day on nice note). For example chocolate waffles or chocolate cookies. Yesterday evening I had this, well you can't really call it a "craving", but well it felt weird to not eat something. So I said to me, okay, for researchs sake lets see how your body reacts to the waffles.
    The results: I totally disliked the feel of the waffles in my mouth and later on it felt as if the inside of my mouth was coated in slime. Ugh. Additionally the taste was not that nice either. From now on I just have to think about yesterday evening and know that I won't touch this stuff again.

    On with todays food
    B: strawberry proteine shake, black tea
    S: 2 red delicious apples, 100g of cottage cheese, green tea, applemint tea
    L: Turkey hen cutlet with steamed cauliflower and mascarpone sauce
    S or Experiment: 2 chocolate candies of milk chocolate- Again the slimy feeling in the mouth and pharynx- therefore no more milk chocolate either. Yikes.
    D: 25 g of french goats cheese with 50% fat. Believe me I don't need anything more until breakfast this stuff is so heavy and tasty. Yum
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    Just got my copy of The PB, I'm totally excited. But first I have other and sadly enough more important things to do, like writing applications and put the laundry up for drying. Grrr..

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    I started reading PB yesterday and I like it. At midnight I nearly ate some cookies, luckily I didn't find any so I settled for some nuts.

    I also did 4 burpees, a bit of crawling (nowhere near 5 minutes and I hit my head on furniture), front and side planks (would you believe it, after just a few seconds my arms started to shake, no strength this girl). And took a nap around 5 PM.

    On to todays food diary:
    B: strawberry protein shake, 2 apples, black tea
    S: 2 slices of Salami, French Goats cheese
    L: 3 Frankfurter sausages backed with apples
    S: Chocolate. Bad chocolate, tons of it.
    D: 3 eggs sunny side up
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    The past 2 days were horrible. Wrong eating and bad mood.

    Yesterdays food:
    B. strawberry protein shake, 1 apple, black tea
    L. Bratwurst with a roll
    S. 2 Caramel waffles from Starbucks, Starbucks Premium Hot chocolate
    D. (10PM) 2 frankfurter sausages and an apple

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    I paid for this CW food in the night, grumbling stomache and an anxiety attack. Thanks CW. Ugh, no more this crap. Oh yes, my skin is acting up too.

    B: strawberry protein shake, 1 apple, black tea
    S: nuts
    L: Salat made of backed salmon, green peppers (not bell, but in the same league), 3 small tomatoes, A dressing made of 2 tablespoons mascarpone, 1tblsp pumpkinseed oil and freshly ground pepper and salt
    S: organic cashew chocolate spread
    D: 2 eggs sunny side up, 1 apple with Mascarpone

    Interestlingly I got a "workout" at 11 PM, since I missed streetcars (different lines) and therefore walked quite a bit to stay warm.
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    Not enough sleep due to some thoughts merry-go-round. Well I'll take the bike into town and enjoy the sunshine.

    B: strawberry protein shake, applemint tea

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