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Thread: THE essential primal cooking method

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    Is a smoker. You can't get any more primal then heat, smoke and meat. If you've never had smoked meat, you don't know what you're missing. I've smoked just about any cut of pork, beef, chicken and turkey you can think of. I just finished smoking a pork shoulder and I can assure you no other method of cooking will turn out as tasty. It's unbelievably tender, moist and it has that wonderful "bark" that's created from the combination of a "rub" and the smoking process.

    There's tons of smokers on the market but I'm a big fan of the Weber Smokey Mountain. It's the easiest, in my experience, to use. It's kind of an investment up front, depending on size, but doesn't take long to recoup your investment.

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    I'm getting hungry just thinking about this :-D

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    Just yesterday I was at a BBQ ... the guy had gotten a new smoker and had been smoking pork all day... it was SO GOOD.

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