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    I have an urge to embrace my Primal Tigger today...

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    ...rather than my very non-Primal Heffalump; thing is it's peeing it down here...

    I'm full of beans (not literally, obviously; what I'm actually full of is eggs and bacon!) and wanting to be all boingy - but it's too wet (I've only got a pair of trainers and they're not waterproof...)

    Autumn it may very well be - but I'm feeling all Springy!!
    La tristesse durera toujours...

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    Sounds like a fifty burpee challenge day...scaled as required.

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    Jump up and down a bit until it goes away?

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    See if there's anywhere within a reasonable drive that's dry, or else, just get wet! As long as you can keep your core temp up, being wet won't hurt you. And, when you get done, you won't need a shower, just a towel! My girlfriend and I never worry about it.
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