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Thread: Carla's Primal Pregnancy Log!

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    Tuesday - 10/26/2010: Day 5

    7am: a few slices of cheese

    9:30am: 1 flavia cappuccino

    1pm: From Treebeards: chicken fried chicken, roasted brussel sprouts, baked butternut squash

    3:30pm: handful of macadamia nuts

    8pm: 3 eggs scrambled in butter, a few slices of Brie, salad of raw kale, cabbage, onion, olive oil, and vinegar, 4 Clementine oranges


    *breading from fried chicken


    None - Still feeling sick...
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    I am feeling MUCH better today! 4 days of doing nothing has really helped get rid of this cold... Yea!

    Wednesday - 10/27/2010: Day 6

    8am: From Harry's - 1 cup coffee w/ half and half, 3 eggs scrambled w/ sausage, tomatoes, green onions, potatoes, & cheese

    10:30am: "think thin" gluten free chocolate fudge bar

    12:30pm: a few slices jalapeno cheese, handful of macadamia nuts

    4:30pm: small plate of fruit - grapes, watermelon, & pineapple

    7pm: From Chuy's Mexican Grill: corn tortilla chips w/ salsa, bowl of tortilla soup (chicken broth, chicken, avocado, cheese, onions, tortilla strips), 4 clementine oranges


    *corn tortilla chips




    800m row
    snatch skills w/ PVC pipe


    AMRAP in 20 minutes:
    3 hang snatch - 35#
    12 OHS - 35#
    350m row

    Completed 5 rounds
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carla View Post
    Hey Cillakat! Thanks for the information and resources... I will check them out!

    So do you think that supplementing about 5,000 IU of D3 on days that I don't get sun be sufficient? I'm in south Texas so the sun is still pretty strong here. I was out for 20 minutes yesterday. I was 88 degrees around noon and I have tan lines from just those 20 minutes...
    Have a look at my d document (click 'my google docs' in sig line)

    I don't think it's enough. Twenty minutes won't do it - full body exposure (bikini) on both sides to the point just before a burn occurs is just about the right amount. For me, that's 25 min each side at the beginning of the 'season' (Atlanta) and 45+ minutes each side as i get darker. That's at least an hour and a half midday sun once I'm tan.

    D deficiency - it's not worth risking your baby's brain:

    Cannel's Vitamin D Theory of Autism

    Vitamin D and the brain (developing and otherwise)

    Vitamin D and cognitive function

    Why not take 4,000 IU per day and have your ob or mw check your 25(OH)D at your next appointment - LabCorp only...Quest doesn't have an accurate test. Or the ZRT test (home fingerstick test) is available for $65 from or

    For $38, is offering their D test. They use labcorp:
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    Yeah, listen to Cillakat, she is the guru around here for this. Also I read some study that claimed that D from sun exposure doesn't necessarily enter your body's circulation very well unless you're slim. Taking it as a supplement definitely won't hurt you or the baby. My OB has me taking 10K/day, sun or not.

    Glad the cold is gone! And still very impressed with your consistent-yet-varied exercise routine -- I'm just proud of myself whenever I can drag my butt to the pool.

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    Thanks for the information ladies! I appreciate the advice.

    @Cillakat - I will definitely check out the articles and links you sent too.

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    Good news!!! I avoided the fried sopapillas at dinner last night... I wanted to order them soooo bad but I resisted and had oranges for dessert instead. Yea me! (I didn't avoid the tortilla chips though... )

    I also started supplementing 5,000 IU of D3/day today... I have an appointment with my OB on Monday and will see if he will have their lab test my levels while I'm there.

    Work has been crazy busy too! I don't see this letting up anytime between now and when the baby is due either...

    Thursday - 10/28/2010: Day 7


    9am: From Starbuck's - 1 grande whole milk latte

    12pm: From Frank's Chophouse - cup of broccoli soup w/ chicken broth & cream base, foot long beef hot dog w/ chili & cheese (no bun), side of grilled broccoli

    3pm: Was craving something sweet after that massive lunch, so... 1 "think thin" gluten free peanut butter bar, 4 squares of dark chocolate

    7:30pm: grass fed ground beef cooked in butter, sauteed red cabbage, a few pieces of brie


    *4 squares dark chocolate




    10 squats
    10 push-ups - on knees
    3 rounds


    Shoulder Press: 5-5-5


    50-40-30-20-10: double-unders
    30-25-20-10-5: push-ups
    (alternate between DU and push-ups on each set)

    Completed in 14:14
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    I slept horribly last night! I woke up at 2am hungry and stressed thinking about work... After tossing around for an hour I finally got up to get something to eat. After eating I managed to pass out at 3:30am but then had to get up again at 4:30am for my workout! Ugh. I'm glad I worked out though. I'm feeling much better now... Hopefully, tonight will be better.

    Friday - 10/29/2010: Day 8


    3:15am: 6 clementine oranges, 3 flourless oatmeal cookies (from Sunday's batch), glass of whole milk... Felt SO much better after eating!

    9:30am: From Starbuck's - 1 grande whole milk latte

    11:30am: From Beck's Prime - baked potato w/ grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, sour cream, & butter

    6:30pm: smoked beef sausage, jalapeņo cheese, cheddar cheese

    9pm: grilled ribeye steak, asparagus, and red bell pepper


    *3 oatmeal cookies




    10 squats
    5 push-ups - on knees
    10 good mornings
    Run 200m
    2 rounds


    20 KBS - 35#
    20 box step-ups - 20"
    5 push-ups - on knees
    Run 400m (after first 4 rounds only)
    5 rounds

    Completed in 26:26
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    Slept great last night! Got in 10 hours of sleep with just 2 bathroom breaks!!! Nice!

    Going to check out our farmers market for the first time now...

    Saturday - 10/30/2010: Day 9


    9am: 2 cups coffee w/ half and half, 4 flourless oatmeal cookies (from Sunday's batch)

    1:30pm: smoked beef sausage, jalapeņo cheese, cheddar cheese

    4pm: 1 medium apple, cheese, handful of 72% Ghirardelli chocolate mini discs

    8:30pm: from Thai Bistro - stirfried chicken w/ cashews, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, onions, and ~1/3 cup pork fried rice


    *4 oatmeal cookies
    *handful of 72% Ghirardelli chocolate mini discs


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    I made an awesome flourless chocolate torte last night. I didn't sample it yesterday because I was full but I had a few bites today. It is delicious but I really can't eat more than a few bites at a time. It is SO filling. It's made with 10 oz of 72% bittersweet chocolate, 2 sticks of butter, 5 eggs, 1/4 cup strong coffee, 1/4 cup sugar, & vanilla. Best torte ever! And it's just sweet enough to satisfy my recent cravings for desserts...

    Another great night of sleep... 9 hours! I need to take advantage before the baby comes along...

    Also, I met a bunch of great farmers at the market yesterday. I'll be going back next weekend with a cooler so I can buy some bison and pork.

    Sunday - 10/31/2010: Day 10


    9am: 2 cups coffee w/ half and half (1 regular, 1 decaf), 5 mini chocolate biscotti

    12pm: smoked beef sausage, jalapeņo cheese, cheddar cheese

    2:30pm: ~5 small bites of flourless chocolate torte

    3:30pm: 1 medium apple, jalapeņo cheese, cheddar cheese

    7pm: At my friends Halloween party (I was sooooo bad... ) - 4 mini Snickers candies, 2 sugar cookies, tortilla chips w/ goat cheese/leek dip & spinach/artichoke dip, a couple slices of Brie, 6 mini sausages wrapped in phyllo dough


    *5 mini chocolate biscotti
    *5 bites flourless chocolate torte
    *4 mini Snickers candies
    *2 sugar cookies
    *tortilla chips
    *phyllo dough


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    34 weeks pregnant today!! I have my OB appointment today, then again in 2 weeks, then every week until my delivery date!

    Monday - 11/1/2010: Day 11


    7:30am: 1 cup decaf coffee w/ half and half

    10am: 1 cup half caff coffee w/ half and half, 4 slices bacon, 3 eggs scrambled in bacon fat w/ 1/2 red bell pepper

    11:30am: 1 medium apple

    1:30pm: a couple of handfuls of red grapes

    2:30pm: small slice flour-less chocolate torte, 1 glass skim milk (I normally go for the whole milk but this is all we have in the house!)

    4pm: handful of pretzels... okay I really need to stop with all this junk snacking!!

    8:30pm: grilled Italian sausage w/ carrots and cucumber on a toasted French bread roll, 1/4 French bread roll w/ butter and blackberry jelly


    *small slice flour-less chocolate torte
    *handful of pretzels
    *1 1/4 French bread roll
    *blackberry jelly




    12 tire step-ups - ~20 in
    12 push-ups (mix of on toes and knees)
    3 rounds

    Skill work:
    drop snatch w/ 25# bar


    AMRAP in 20 minutes:
    10 squat snatch - 35#
    10 ring dips - w/ 1.5 in band
    10 KTE - more like knees to waist

    Completed 4 rounds
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