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Thread: How do you play?

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    I was going over the different aspects of PB, and I realized that one area of my life that I'm seriously lacking in is "play." I don't really play like I should. I work, eat, sleep, work out, work, eat sleep... same old routine. Sometimes there's yard work or going to farmer's markets, but nothing that really constituteds "play time."

    I could really use some suggestions. Most of my friends don't get the PB lifestyle, and I dare say all of my friends are too "grown up" to play. They have jobs and kids and don't really engage much in physical activity. It's a real bummer.

    I got so bored today. A bunch of boys were playing in my complex, sort of like reverse hide and seek. It was the perfect primal game. One boy hides, then the rest seek him out and hunt him down before he can reach the safe spot. You can be the predator, or the prey. I came so close going out there, but then I considered how strange it would look for me to be out there roughing around with a bunch of 13 year old boys. LOL

    I'm just stuck and in a funk. I've got skates I can't use (or am too afraid to use I should say.) I really wanted to do something other than walk or run around my neighborhood. It's so BORING.

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    I have the same trouble you are having. I feel like my exercise is too forced- Walking in the morning and evening, strength training every other day. One thing I like doing now that it is summer is getting a group of friends together for a BBQ at a park. Don't mention anything about "playing" or exercise, but bring a volleyball or basketball and just sort of start up a game. What about dancing? Get a group of friends for a night out on the town and head to someplace with live music. Like tonight, I am heading to a park that has live local music. Many people bring lawn chairs to sit in, but I like to get up and dance around...which usually gets others up and dancing as well. Do you like to hike? Try new trails and take a drive to a great place to hike. Or maybe go to a pool. You don't have to swim boring laps around the pool- just jump in have fun! Have a pool party! I am trying to branch out more as well...just have to start thinking outside the box!

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    Hi, I'm here for the lack-of-play-time support meeting.

    I strength train a few times a week, but outside of that...rarely anything. Occasionally we walk the neighbors dog, but that's it.

    Closest thing I've had to "play" was last night at a concert, I moshed for the 1st time in my life (I'm 31). lol That was great.

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    I try to go mountain biking as much as possible (which isn't all that often). I think you could call that "playing". But playing hide-and-seek and other such "kids" games sounds like something I could totally get into!

    Check out capoeira. It's a Brazilian cross between a martial art and a dance form. I went to some classes and it was loads of fun! When I get myself a slightly better "spot" I intend to continue. (And no, you don't NEED to be able to do fancy back flips and spinning kicks like the youtube vids show - but you can learn if you want.)

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    I've been working on headstands, handstands and cartwheels in the park in the evenings. Part play, part exercise. Sometimes while walking through the park, I pick a spot in the distance and go towards it in a straight line, doing my best to go over or under whatever inanimate objects might be in my way.

    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!

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    I play ultimate frisbee once a week. LOVE it, I always have a lot of fun. Now it's summer we are actually playing outside in the field and we get to run a lot and sit on the grass and breath the fresh mountain air.=DDD

    other than that I don't play either...I wish I could get some friends to play tag like when we were little

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    paintball and skateboarding is how I play

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    Awesome question Diana!

    Riceball, I'm with you on the ultimate frisbee. My wife and I have 4 children, ages 4 to 11.

    We played frisbee all weekend and came up with a few fun "primal" games using the frisbee. One of us would throw the frisbee to the other side of the lawn and then we would race using a "bear crawl" to where the frisbee landed! Too much fun.

    We also decided that this summer we would all be "barefoot" unless we were leaving our yard to run errands or whatever.

    Small transitions towards a more Primal Lifestyle and our kids think its great & fun! I believe Grok would approve! ;-)



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    I've been getting quit a bit of nearly barefoot walks in along with play, by golfing and wearing my VFFs. Golfing can be done in a group or alone. If you can't afford golf or you want a change of pace, there is also disc golf, which after the initial investment of discs is free to play. Either game offers sun and fun.

    Having a kid offers a good excuse to play. I have been playing outdoors with my son on most evening of late. We play follow the leader, we race, I get on all fours and chase him like a bear. (See the Grok crawl article).

    Like Mike, we are barefoot in our yard as well.

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    My new form of play is taking care of my garden - though I'm not sure how fun that is yet. Ha!

    I've also participated in martial arts classes (fun with a bit of a masochistic twist - woohoo!).

    I would love to take up rock climbing but it's not really an option in my area - no big rocks to climb and no indoor facilities.

    Anyone ever played football frisbee? Best frisbee game ever.

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