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Thread: Mountain Biking

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    yeah I think chronic cardio can be described as a condition where you are forcing yourself to do some cardio despite being absolutely depleted and your body screaming at you for rest. I think its a sense of being obliged to exercise. If your fairly intune with your body and it isn't screaming at you for a rest or a break and your feeling pretty good then go for it.
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    If you like it, hen there really isn't a problem. It's not like you're doing three plus hours at a steady state.

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    What do you all find refuels you during your longer rides? I've been bringing trail mix with raisins and nuts but I'm thinking maybe coconut water before rides during the week? Does anyone do this?! I feel like my times haven't gotten any faster and my endurance hasn't improved. How much low GI carbs do you include in your diet during mtn bike season? Do you eat sweet potatos or that sort of veg daily? I have included butternut squash in my diet. I have celiac disease, IBS and soy intolerance so I mostly stick to fruits, veggies, fats and meats but if you all do stick with daily doses of more starchy vegs and find success with that I will try to see if my stomach can tolerate it. I work out sometimes twice a day during the mtn bike season so I want to be riding at my best!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cemdev View Post
    here's how i view it:

    fun. check.
    connection with nature. check.
    connection with others (if you ride with buddies). check.
    adrenaline. check.
    moments of being outside your comfort zone. check.
    lots of exercise. check.
    using brain to intensely focus on something, with the penalty for failure being significant (on the downs). check.
    feeling alive. check.
    deep breathing (on the ups). check.

    yep, i'd be worrying about if it fit primal too mountain biking is simply my favourite thing to do. i'm so lucky to live in vancouver and be able to do it here on the north shore, or in an hour and a bit be up at whistler for thousands of meters of chairlift-assisted insanity a day.
    I like your point of view cemdev! It all goes with enjoying life, having fun, getting exercise while doing it! I personally like to bike, with sprints at times for interval training, and I can check off most those things just riding a relatively flat trail.....

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    I agree with enjoying whatever your doing. I consider chronic cardio being on a machine or jogging for x amount of time because your looking for weight loss and hating it. I look forward to taking a run a couple times per week. I take a trail or run by the beach its awesome.

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