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Thread: Tired as hell this week - Carb up on weekend

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    Tired as hell this week - Carb up on weekend

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    Urgh, this week has been a drag, every night i've been feeling tired, and the days have been semi-productive. Last saturday I had a chinese with my good friend, and dessert, Sunday, I felt like I had a hangover! And the weekdays have been not as bad, but I still feel tired and drained.

    I've done chinese before on the weekends, even some carbups, but this has been total backlash. What's up?!

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    Yesterday, for no other reason than I knew it was going to be delicious, I had a really high-fat meal for lunch. I had more energy all day than I cannot-remember-when.

    *hard core PBers rolling their eyes*

    I don't avoid fat by any measure. It's just that I have not been a mighty consumer of it, pre-PB, either. It takes some thought to cook with bacon fat.

    I won't bore you with the details of my gastro-diary, but I will tell you that the fatigue (utter fatigue) I have been suffering from since summer has resulted in my ending my mornings at the track ... getting up later than I ever have because I need so much more sleep ... getting various tests from my endocrinologist ... and now, I was going to have blood work to set up a full physical with my general physician.

    *squealing brakes*

    I am NOT going to get the blood work done tomorrow. I AM going to see if this is all there is to it. My carb intake is already minimal, so I won't be dealing with that adjustment. But I am on the bandwagon with all the other folks here that say, "If you're feeling weak and tired, increase your fat!"

    Just give it a shot. Stay away from resaurants and make your own food, so you know what's in it. Keep the carbs low and the fat high.

    good luck!

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