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    Grizz, you are entitled to your opinion, and it's fine if you choose to eat sourdough bread on occasion, but it still doesn't mean that it is primal. In his paragraph on sourdough, Mark explicitly states "this doesn’t apply to a PBer, but it still deserves mention," and goes on to caution "don’t think fermentation makes it Primal approved." WAPF-approved, yes. Better than non-sourdough bread, yes. Primal-approved, no.

    I personally choose to avoid gluten in all its forms, and certainly wouldn't advise anyone on this board (many of whom are gluten-sensitive) to eat a food that contains gluten. Anyway, I hope that we can stop hijacking this thread soon. I just want to make it clear that sourdough bread does still contain gluten, lectins, and all the other unpleasant things that are in regular bread - just in lower quantities.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saoirse View Post
    pork rinds? i dunno. bread was always my "butter carrier", so now i just eat the butter or add it to my soup.
    Pork rinds are my butter carrier. DON'T LAUGH! :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hedonist View Post
    Pork rinds are my butter carrier. DON'T LAUGH! :-)
    you're awesome!!

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