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Thread: New Primal Guy here - Question about Primal Diet

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    Question New Primal Guy here - Question about Primal Diet

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    Hi to all Grokens,

    First of all, thanks Ravvrin for your thoughts and suggestions yesterday. I'm feeling a lot better today of my abdominal pain. I guess it was my body trying to adapt to primal. After all, all my life I've been eating about 300-600 grams of carbs everyday...

    I have a question about calories intake. I'm following the primal fitness program. I weight 215lb, 5'11" and about 30% Body Fat. These are my revised calories intake:

    About 1700 - 1900 calories/day
    30 - 40g of Carbs
    110 - 120g of Fat
    150 - 160g of Protein

    I've been feeling great working out the primal way.

    Would this be a good calorie intake to lose body fat and to maintain build a little bit of muscle?

    Would zero fruits servings for 3 - 6 months would be ok, if I want to stay in full-time ketosis?

    Any additional recommendations?


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    I'm not a real big expert but it sounds about right to me. I started off a little heavier than you, similar height, and lost all I needed to, probably averaging closer to 100g carbs (rough estimation) and more like 2000+ calories as a rough average. But YMMV, we're all made differently, yadda yadda. Yours sounds like a good starting place though.

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    I haven't once even bothered to do a calorie count of what I've been eating since going primal. I have been literally stuffing myself with primal foods, and continued to lose weight until I started adding enough carbs back in to stop losing. Really - I understand it is hard to NOT lose weight if you simply follow the "if it doesn't occur in nature, don't eat it" philosophy, but keep the carbs in mind.

    I believe the point is to stop the old calorie counting habits, start choosing your foods differently, and adjust as required.

    BTW, I had HORRIBLE abdominal pains for about 3 weeks. not a one since.

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    +1 to no counting. Went from 6'2" at 230 lbs to 185 lbs without counting anything. One of the perverse things about stress, which you could induce by freaking out about numbers, is that it can make you gain weight even if you run the traditional cw caloric deficit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mel_Corcino View Post
    These are my revised calories intake:

    About 1700 - 1900 calories/day
    30 - 40g of Carbs
    110 - 120g of Fat
    150 - 160g of Protein
    That's a large percentage of protein, and a fairly low percentage of fat. I'd guess that would be something like 37% protein and 55% fat. Not how hunter-gatherers ate. And it's not optimal for losing weight either, as you get some insulin response from the protein (though nowhere near as much as from carbohydrate). You can go up to about 80% fat, and that is best for fat loss.

    More on all that here:

    Make sure you get enough sleep in a properly darkened room, too.

    Google: sleep insulin

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