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Thread: This Sounds Like BS to me...

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    This Sounds Like BS to me...

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    A co-worker (who runs marathons all the time and is actually not in bad shape) told me today... well she said a lot so stupid as CW crap (soy and tofu bleh bleh bleh)... but she said that anyone who runs a marathon CANNOT eat meat the day before or they will crap their pants... it's just how digestion works. Runners shouldn't eat meat becaue they'll crap their pants...

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    Ha ha ha....I can just see Grok jogging across the savanna with poop dripping out of him the whole way.

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    Maybe habitual runners tend to be borderline vegetarians and have trouble adjusting to meat anyway.

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    The only thing that ever made me feel like taking a dump while running was actually oatmeal...I think the fiber does it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizch View Post
    ha ha ha....i can just see grok jogging across the savanna with poop dripping out of him the whole way.

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    One steak tip to many.
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    So not true!! I just ran the Chicago Marathon. I did eat a bit lighter the day before, but I had chicken. No issues for me!

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    I don't know, but if I were to run a marathon and complete it, I'd crap my pants.

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    Back in the early days of the Boston Marathon, many of the best runners would have steak and eggs on the morning of the race.

    Personally, I have run a number of marathons as well as olympic distance triathlons, and for each of them I ate a large portion of some form of bacon, sausage, steak, veggies and eggs, on the day before and day of the race. My last trail marathon (which I did unsupported witth my five fingers in the snow on Nov 22) I had a big egg scrambler with bacon, steak and sausage and then used water, some fruit and nuts once as my fuel.

    No need to crap.

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    I'm a lifelong endurance athlete (marathons, Ironman triathlons, endurance bicycle races). For me (and this is all before going "Primal") I did not want to have anything in me that would compete with my body's need for resources during the event. I would try to eat anything "heavy" two nights before the race, and indeed would stick to easily digestible things (HA! What I thought was back then anyway) like breads, pastas, tomato sauce, etc..

    Had I eaten a steak the night before - as long as I was eating steak regularly - no problem, but I figured why take the chance. That said, even on easy to digest foods, I would before an Ironman take immodium just to plug up the works as a preventive. Loose bowels are common during ultras, regardless of diet.

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