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Thread: Another thread on Breakfast for teenagers

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    Another thread on Breakfast for teenagers

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    Here's my issue. I have two kids ages 12 and 14.

    If I want some control on what they eat for breakfast, I have to make it and I'm fine with that. So, before I leave for work, 3 days a week (M/W/F) I set them both up with 2 eggs and some cheese and/or meat in a bowl, put it in the microwave, and they have to hit 'start' to have eggs for breakfast (with whole milk - kids are too hard to fill up without milk).

    2 days a week (T/Th) I make protein shake smoothies with protein powder, milk, ice, and whatever fruit we have around. Sometimes I leave them vanilla and sometimes I put a couple scoops of cocoa powder to make them chocolate. I also microwave 6 pieces of bacon on those days - 2 each for each of them and 2 for me as a 'walking out the door' gift to myself.

    Saturday/Sunday I usually get up and make a big eggs/bacon/sausage/fruit/omlet/egg casserole/whatever breakfast. I enjoy cooking so this is fun for me. The whole family sits down to enjoy it.

    That seems to work well as the kids are not bored with the same thing every day.

    The issue - this morning my daughter asked if I could come up with something else besides smoothies for winter. I knew this was coming. Having a icy breakfast when it's cold isn't all that fun.

    Leftovers usually go to lunch the next day so those are out.

    Suggestions that aren't eggs for T/Th? If only oatmeal were an option.....sigh..


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    Do they eat their breakfasts in the car or in the house? You could make "pancake" batter up ahead of time and just pour it on the griddle in morning.

    Would they do greek yogurt with berries/nuts (my favorite is banana slices with walnuts)

    What about baking primal blueberry muffins to have with their bacon? It's mostly eggs and blueberries.

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    Make extra dinner and have them warm that up in the morning.

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    Make those egg muffins in the primal cookbook and they can pop them in the microwave in the morning or like an egg stratt or egg lasagna and the same thing they could pop it in the microwave in the morning.
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