I have been looking into upping the carbs lately due to a slightly low thyroid. My temps were averaging 97.5F. I have run into some issues here...

Sweet potatoes and raw milk in the diet have upped the temperatures to 98.3 on rising, 97.8 during the day, and 98.0 at night. But... too many sweet potatoes has caused some facial bloating.. either that or it was the maca.. which I stopped because it was giving me some anxiety. So I will limit the sweet potatoes to 2 a day, 1 at lunch and dinner... but I need closer to 150 carbs a day and I am having trouble getting there without fruit (I don't tolerate it well at this time)

Besides carrots, onions, and parnsips does anyone have any other suggestions? Also, does anyone have any suggestions on how to increase carbs without experiencing the some bloating.. etc. I am not bloating in the belly at all, just in the face.

I have ruled out Hashimoto's, tested negative for antibodies, (although I did bloat up in the face twice when I had a huge seaweed salad on two seperate occasions... very curious... also raw maca powder did the same)

Here are my thyroid blood results

TSH 1.27
Free T4 1.1
Fre T3 3.7

I feel quite hot when my temperature reads 98.0 or 98.3... significantly hotter than when it reads 97.5.. is it possible that my thermometer is faulty? It is digital.

I also have some other thyroid symptoms such as slightly low energy, some mild sleeping difficulties, dry skin and scalp, some brain fog here and there.

I know why my thyroid is low... I went a little too crazy senior year of high school with XC and overtrained, lost like 30lbs. Poor gut flora is also a culript. I gained all the weight back on a SAD diet but overdid the junk to add quick weight. Found Primal last summer and messed around with Zero Carb Carnivore diets and VLC... probably did not help.

Any advice? Sorry is this was long