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Thread: Italians know what's what - the "annual lard festival"

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    Italians know what's what - the "annual lard festival"

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    This lady went to a Turin food fare at which she says one of the star attractions was lard:

    ... this is no ordinary lard we are talking about here, but Lardo di Colonnata, a piggy product with a long history. Colonnata is a remote hill town in the Apuane mountains, the area of Tuscany that Michelangelo frequented when searching for the best marble from which to sculpt his madonnas. The town has been famous for its production of fragrant lard for centuries; the process used to age the lard was probably developed as a way of preserving the meat to last through the year. Colonnata is still almost inaccessible, with houses clinging on for dear life to the sides of steep ravines. Since this landscape isn't exactly conducive to farming livestock, the butchered pigs are brought in from Emilia Romagna, an area well known for its prosciutto. ...
    Makes you hungry reading it.

    It turns out that one town actually has a lard festival.


    Two years ago, officials swooped down upon the small town and impounded large quantities of what they considered to be contraband food, saying that it flew in the face of EU health regulations.

    For the full lard experience, the best time to be in Colonnata is on 24 August, the day of San Bartolomeo, the town's patron saint. This is when the annual lard festival takes place: bread, wine and, of course, lard for all.
    So mark it in your diaries. :-)

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    OMG stupid authorities!

    Whats funny about this post is just today my friend, who recently got awarded an employment visa over there for 2 years, visited a marketplace and said she saw some "delicious looking sausages, which ended up being nothing but pure pig lard stored in the intestines of a pig - yuck!" as her quote.

    I wrote back going AMAZING! I would totally buy that! BTW have you bought any headcheese yet?!

    i think i grossed her out >.<

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    FRAGRANT lard? Flavoured with herbs, perhaps, as it is rendering out? Or poured, when rendered, onto dried bay / thyme leaves? I would love a recipe for sounds amazing!

    EU authorities - don't we have a human right to eat lard? An ethnic minority essential foodstuff? Just imagine if they swooped down on a halal butcher .... uproar!

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