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Thread: weight loss plateau? help!

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    weight loss plateau? help!

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    Ok, I've been at this 3 months... lost 25lbs... until about 10 days ago when I gained 2.5lbs... and still haven't lost it. I was noticing my weight loss had slowed... but now up?? I'm not doing anything differently!

    Based on reading in the forums (constantly) I know if could be one of these things (except that I was doing these when I lost the first 25, so I don't get it).

    dairy (eat a good amount of it)
    not enough sleep

    So many of you talk about how the weight "just melted off"... and I felt that for maybe two weeks, but now it's like SLOW going (and now NO going)... and I still have a lot (like 100 lbs) of weight to lose... so it's not as if I'm close to my ideal weight and that's why it has slowed down. HELP please!!!

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    Dairy?? You eat a LOT of DAIRY?? What else are you eating that is not on the Primal Blueprint?

    If you have 100 lbs to go and are gaining weight, then I think you are not eating the Primal Blueprint Diet. Tell us what you are eating in a typical day. Do you have the book?

    Best to you,

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    I thought the verdict on dairy was still out... like some people do ok and others don't?

    Yes, I have the book and have read the majority of it (along with all of Mark's "how to be primal" posts)

    Typical day:
    Breakfast: 2 eggs, 3 pieces of bacon, 1/2 avocado (occasionally IF)
    Lunch: salad with veggies/salmon/avocado/bacon
    Dinner: something from primal cookbook usually (bison chili last night... with grass-fed beef)
    Extras: nuts here and there, some dark chocolate, berries and cream some days

    dairy... i still drink coffee with whole milk in it. put cheese on things sometimes. eat full-fat yogurt sometimes.

    i make a lot of stuff from recipes off of the website and the cookbook

    what am i doing wrong? thanks for your help

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    Are you a female? I wouldn't worry too much about a fluctuation of a few pounds- especially if you are female. Just keep eating primally and only weigh yourself every other week. If you're still gaining after a couple more weeks, then I would definitely reevaluate and see where you can cut back (eating too many nuts or dark chocolate?). I have hit several plateaus during my weight loss- but I always bust through them by reducing some of my indulgences or increasing my exercise a bit more. I have lost 50 pounds and consume quite a bit of dairy (around 8-12 oz/day).

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    yes, i'm female... sorry, should've included. i was weighing myself everyday... then i cut down to a couple times a week which i would only count as "official" on fridays... it was so nice to see several pounds a week lost... then it was 1 lb... and now gaining? ugh. thanks for the advice though.

    how long did it take you to lose 50lbs? (congrats on that, btw!)

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    Cut out the chocolate, fruit and dairy then get back to us.

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    Also as far as plateaus go, they will happen naturally if you continue to eat the same amount of calories that you were in the past as well. As you lose weight your metabolism slows by virtue of the fact that there is less of you to fuel. So, a caloric intake amount that would cause weight loss at one weight level will be maintenance or an increase for a lower weight level. What you might want to do is tweak your diet and find ways to continue consume fewer calories that you used to. So, removing dairy may help you by virtue of the fact that you consume fewer calories not that it was dairy that was causing a problem.
    Nuts are very calorie dense for example. I would suggest tossing those out and just not snacking.

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    Same happened to me--It was the Nuts in my case !

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    I have been able to lose fat and still consume dairy, nuts, nut butters and some fruit. I don't believe a person necessarily has to cut out any particular food. What is needed is eat less. At least that is what has worked for me. I agree with Daemonized, in that as a person loses weight on a particular caloric level, they have to adjust that amount downward. A person that weights 160 pounds requires fewer calories to maintain their current weight than a person that weighs 200.

    This is a link to a great calorie calcluator: See the bolded note that says "Note: When your weight drops by more than 5lbs (2kg) you must recalculate your numbers!" This is a bodybuilding type website, but I think the calculator can work for most anyone trying to get a decent idea where to start.

    I know, I know, a lot of people will say that it's not about calories in and calories out. This approach has worked for me and some others here, that's all.

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    You might also try a day or two of carb refeeding to shake things up and kick your metabolism back to life. I wouldn't recommend going crazy on pizza, but mixing things up for a day or two and then getting back to basics might get things into motion again.

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