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Thread: Mark's Fantastic Support - Just wanted to share

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    Mark's Fantastic Support - Just wanted to share

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    I received my shipment of Primal Fuel Today, but they sent me the wrong flavor.

    I contacted customer support and asked if my next shipment would be the flavor I had ordered. I did not ask for a replacement or any re-compensation, I just wanted to be sure that my next shipment would be vanilla instead of chocolate.

    I am really not a huge fan of Chocolate powders... vanilla is king to me but I understand mistakes happen and wasn't upset or anything.

    Instead of just telling me that Vanilla would be my next shipment, they instead shipped me the correct vanilla container today. That is great support right there! Most people would have taken the easy route and confirmed my question and moved on, but they are doing the awesome-sauce and sending me vanilla.

    This just scored such huge brownie points with me for Mark's organization here. sent me the wrong Optimum Nutrition flavor once and all they offered me was a 15 dollar coupon and not even an apology. I have never bought from them again. Mark just earned a long-term customer with me for proving why Customer Service is king.

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    Thanks for sharing that Rivvin! That just goes to show that this is a "class act", not just another money-grubbing cult...

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    So you got a free tub of that chocolate homie? Listen hea...

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    Hey bud, hope that's primal fuel you've got on your nose.

    That *was* good service.

    (that's what she said)

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