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Thread: Stomachache and Abdominal pain?!?!?!

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    Post Stomachache and Abdominal pain?!?!?!

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    Hi Grokens,

    I started about three weeks ago a primal nutrition diet. It consists on 1700 - 2100 calories in which I keep my carbs at 60-80 grams per day. Also, I'm eating 150-175 grams of protein (mainly chicken, turkey and fish) and about 100-120 grams of fat. I'm 5'11'' and my weight is 215 with (about 30% body fat).

    After three weeks in the diet I still experience stomachahe just below my chest, where the first line of abs starts. I've been reading that stomachache and abdominal pain are effects of ketosis. However, I'm in a point that I'm starting to wonder if I have to take medical attention due to the fact that the abdominal pain takes a lot out of me.

    I also noticed that when I include grains in the diet and my carb intake goes to 150-250 grams a day, my stomachahe and abdominal pain goes away.

    Had you experienced the same?
    Is this normal?
    Should I be concern and get medical attention for this?

    Any insight will be greatly appreciate it...

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