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Thread: How do I know primal supplements are legit?

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    How do I know primal supplements are legit?

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    I recently discovered Mark's Daily Apple and the Primal Blueprint and I love both; I've adopted a lot of these suggestions and become leaner and healthier. So Mark and this company have a lot of credibility with me (and from reading through the forums, obviously lots of credibility with many other people).

    I've been thinking about purchasing Mark's supplements, because I find his arguments in favor of them persuasive and I think this is a case where paying more for quality is essential. But...the ethos of this community encourages people to be skeptical about health claims and check things out for one's self using common sense and informed reasoning. So I'm wondering, how do I apply this to the supplements? Is there some rating agency, or some independent review organization, or some other place where I verify the claims that are made about these supplements?

    In other words how can I apply my newly-acquired healthy skepticism to these products, the same way I would from any other company? Do most people on here just take it on faith that because of all the good things Mark is doing that the supplements are probably as awesome as he says? (That's a valid think to believe, I'm just trying to see where everyone's at)


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    I currently take Marks omegas, vitD and primal flora. I no longer take his multis becuase I wanted one that was a single pill instead of 6 caps. As far as quality... i have no idea. But I am thankful for all Mark has given me for free, so I like to support his brand a lil. Search out user 'Cillakat', she has links in here signature chock full of supplment info.

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    I don't use Mark's supplements as I live in the U.K. It isn't essential to buy his products. The best advice I can give you is to research and more research from different sources. Even one independent agency could be biased.

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