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Thread: What Are Your Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Grains?

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    1. Allergies. When I don't eat grains, I don't have allergies.
    2. Morning fog. So much brighter and clearer in the mornings without grain.
    3. Acne. I thought the acne was all caused by soap, but after over-indulging and acne showing back up again I realize that it's probably both the grains as well as the soap.
    4. Swelling. I haven't lost much weight but I sure have shrunk everywhere without the grains. Belly, chest, thighs, fingers, toes, etc.
    5. Aches and pains. My weird jaw pain is gone. My tooth sensitivity to hot and cold is gone. Most of my hip pain is gone. Etc.

    There are others, but you asked for five. And as you said, if I don't eat grains, that means I get to eat more bacon. Bacon!
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    I tend to agree with lizch, I didn't think it was even possible to ever give up grains, thought I would give it a go for weight loss as I could never stop at one piece of bread, or toast, or cracker, could eat huge pile of pasta and still want more, same with rice, then I found out that I didn't fart all the time and didn't fall asleep in the afternoon, or have blood sugar issues. Now I know I don't need them or want them, much happier with the food choices I have been making for the last 6 months.

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    1. Grains are metabolized into fat
    2. Grainsare addictive and keep you hungry
    3. Grains cause inflammation of the blood vessels = heart attack and stroke
    4. Systemic inflammation causes cancer
    5. Inflammation causes autoimmune disorders

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    carbs=sugar= poison to my body=compromised full

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    Thanks for all the responses guys! I think its best when people lay out the reasons why they themselves personally avoid grains. "Experts" can argue all day why one should or should not eat grains - I think the reasons to avoid them are waaaaay better than the reasons to eat them. But, its always best to hear from ordinary people who want to lead the healthiest life possible.

    I wonder if there is a grain forum where I can ask why people choose to eat grains? I can think of some reasons but I would love to hear from other people... Maybe I should start a thread in this forum asking why you ever ate grains?
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    For most people, it's what they always ate, it's cheap sustenance, or it's easy.
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    Avoid grains:
    1. poop is better
    2. farts are fewer
    3. mood is better
    4. not so fat!
    5. live long and prosper

    In no particular order.

    Reasons to eat grains:
    1. croissants with ham and cheese are actually pretty tasty. Also donuts iz good.
    2. cheap
    3. profit!
    4. ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizch View Post
    I can eat absurd quantities of things made from grains. I am simply incapable of doing that with non-grain-based foods.
    I love this response! So true for me too. I used to (and admittedly would still love) eat a BIG plate of shrimp scampi accompanied with loads of garlic bread MMMM...and who wouldn't want a chocolate bread (brownie) ice cream sunday for dessert?

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    Many of my reasons have been said, but I'll repeat them:

    1. Less bloated - nice to go to bed and not worry about pooting my husband out of it - I eat wheat or beans, and I'm a goner (well, HE is)
    2. I don't need to eat every 2 hours. With primal I'm learning to eat when I'm actually hungry. It's a novel concept to someone who has had to eat every 2-3 hours or I'd eat my desk.
    3. Weight gain - If I were to eat a bagel or pasta today, I would gain 5 pounds by tomorrow. I'm not kidding. While on primal, I lose weight without really trying.
    4. So much harder to go out to dinner when eating grains. I had to worry about calories, portion size, etc. Now I order a meat and some veggies and I eat until I'm full. I have even been known to leave food ON the plate (which is unheard of for me - I was definitely a clean your plate kind of gal).
    5. (kind of like 2, but I don't think I can emphasize this enough) - My focus can be on important things instead of worrying about my next meal. I'm so much less food focused on primal because I'm not hungry. When I get hungry, I eat some meat/fat/veggies and I'm happy again for a long time. Never thought I would be able to eat 2-3 meals a day and not want to gnaw off my arm.
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    reasons to avoid

    ibs flareups
    more room for nummies
    most grain products contain sugar too

    reasons to eat

    like someone else said: croissants with ham, cheese, tomato and avocado (and maybe baby spinach if i have any) is a delicious breakfast lunch and dinner! oh how i miss them. ok i admit, i eat them now and again still...not nearly as much as i used to

    because if you dont then everyone gets annoyed and rolls their eyes because your all special order at restaurants or if you go to their house for dinner they get all insulted because you didnt eat their homemade breadmaker breads, or birthday/any occasion cake/pie.

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