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    My own experiment

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    So I did my own experiment today...

    I am a small woman by most standards - but have had a HORRIBLE bloated stomach that causes nearly everyone to ask when I am expecting, again. I have cut out all grains for over 1.5 but not fruit/nuts. For a few mornings - I was 100 primal - and NO BLOATING.

    But today - I had my raw pancakes: blueberry, agave, bananas and nuts. AND HORRIBLE BLOAT. I am not raw or vegan - but I do appreciate raw food - and hence the pancakes. Clearly - my stomach doesn't.

    I guess eggs for me tomorrrow

    Thought I would share!


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    You probably have candida issues and I would throw out the agave nectar.

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    +1 on the agave nectar. If you can get hold of some well-made (live) sauerkraut, apple cider vinegar, and/or kim chee, you might help fix the flora problem, and a lot of the bloat with it.

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    Wow! I'm glad you found what was causing it.

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