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    I love primal fitness

    I have been putting together my own version of primal fitness, my version is the complete package, spear thrower, sprinter, as well as a basic gymnastics background. I work with high level athletes and this motto is great. Mark Sisson will get all the credit for the success. He has shattered the conventional wisdom in sports training. I train with the vibram shoes three hours daily, rock climbing, sprinting, snorkeling, basic ju jitsu training, rope, gymnastics strength training. my training has escalated and my body is like a machine. A balanced killing machine. We do long baseball toss, as well as close up pitching... hitting the target, ie the mit. My fastball is around 85 miles per hour, at a major league size mound. Long throwing the football is great as well. Running pass routes and catching the ball in stride is great. Long Kicking the soccer ball is great as well.

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    I train some folks and we will go to the park in our neighborhood with a football, a frisbee and a soccer ball. Four guys and three things flying through the air at any given moment gets some funny looks but we get a great workout and have all become better passers, kickers and throwers over the past few months. After 30 minutes non-stop, its plenty of work! I use a "junior" sized football because we can all throw it a lot further so we can be spread out more for the frisbee throwing. We use a pretty heavy frisbee too (175 grams). I have see 200 gram discs but have never thrown one.
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