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Thread: Please check my macronutrient calculations - I need help

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    Question Please check my macronutrient calculations - I need help

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    I'm not great with math so I want to see if I calculated these correctly (see below).

    My info:
    Basal Metabolic Rate = 1763
    BMI - 30%
    Activity Factor = 661
    Total Avg Daily Calorie Expenditure = 2424

    I want to lose weight. I'm also nursing so I'm not sure how to change my numbers. I'm low to moderately active depending on the week so I'm guessing I need about 300 extra calories a day. I've been doing PB for over a month now and lost 9 lbs the first two weeks but since then have not lost any so now I feel compelled to calculate my macronutrients and track them for a week to see if I'm eating too much fat and protein, which I'm sure I am. Please tell me if these look right and also how should my breast feeding affect my numbers?

    Goal of losing 5 lbs/mo = 500 calorie deficit needed per day ( I totally pulled this out of thin air. The PB book says you need an avg of 500 - 1,000 calorie deficit/day to lose weight. I want to lose slowly since I'm breast feeding so I chose 500. Does this seem right?)

    Desired avg calorie intake = 2424 - 500 = 1,924 (Should i just add 300 calories onto this for breast feeding?)

    Desired protein grams: 96 grams (385 calories or 20% of caloric intake....just guessed at this % according to figure Mark used in his book on page 229. Should I choose a different % since I'm not consistenly active?)

    Desired carb grams: 78 grams (288 calories or 15% of caloric intake)

    Desired fat grams: 139 grams (1,251 calories or 65% of calories. Is that right? It seems so high!)

    Thanks for any feedback you can provide.

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    You seem on track, I wouldn't worry so much though! When you are first changing from burning sugar to burning fat, your body will not be used to burning it and will be very inefficient. I get around 75% of my calories from fat some days, sometimes more... and sometimes I'm up to 4500 calories a day! And yet I'm still losing quite steadily.

    Eat until you are satisfied, and your calories/fat etc will take care of itself. If you reach a plateau, then you can worry about calories, or increase carbs, or decrease carbs, etc.

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    I'm no expert - is it really a good idea to restrict calories while nursing? I thought there were some powerful hormones at work that really limited weight loss while nursing, in addition to the fact you need to make lots of high quality milk.

    To actually answer your question - 3500 calores = 1 lb of body fat, so 500cal/day deficit, in THEORY, translates to 1 lb/week weight loss. If you are eating primal / paleo, you might expect this amount of deficit to work brilliantly. However, not only are BMR calculators not accurate (they are based on a population average), but food calories calculators may also be inaccurate. So, it's guesswork, trial and error, but mostly just listening to your body and only eating when you are actually hungry.

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