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Thread: Gastro got me on track!

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    Gastro got me on track!

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    A day of gastro... all I ate was 1 banana and 2 apples. In the evening I was finally feeling a bit hungry and all I could stomach was a little bit of vegetable and left over roast pork. It was horrible having gastro, but gee it cleaned me out!

    I've been trying to get off the carbs for months, a little addicted voice inside of me always urging me on to eat sugar and bread, even if only a little. But then once I start I can't stop and off I go on the roller coaster, grouchy and bloated.

    As a result of a day practically without eating, my stomach shrunk, my blood sugar came down off the carbs, and today for the first time in a long time I could control what I ate. I chose to look at the gastro day as a day of fasting.

    Now I know I will not die if I don't eat, I now don't feel afraid to go with out food again.

    Today I felt calm, no cravings. This is how I want to feel! I assume this is how normal non carb addicted people feel?

    Day 3 tomorrow and I desparately want to stick to primal food and only eat when I'm hungry.

    Yay for Gastro!!!!!
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