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Thread: Need Tabata Ideas? Try This One And Post Your Own Faves...

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    Here's an online Tabata timer if ya need some help with the intervals.

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    Tabata Shadow Boxing:

    Alternate regular stance with southpaw (left fist forward and right fist forward) every 20 second burst

    Throw as many punches as you can in during the work periods

    Round 1 - Jab

    Round 2 - Jab, Cross

    Round 3 - Jab, Cross, Hook

    Round 4 - Jab, Cross, Hook Uppercut

    This is an amazing workout, I am drenched after the 16 minutes. I am going to try using the punching bag as my target next time (instead of the air).

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    I don't necessarily put too much stock in the 3 weeks thing. We don't know exactly what protocol he was using. The Tabata protocol was clearly effective over a 6 week period.

    Just wanted to make sure people were aware that they can't expect the study benefits (6 weeks for 14% VO2 max increase, 24% anaerobic threshold increase) if they aren't actually reaching the intensities studied. I have done a series of Tabata training to enhance my 2000m times on my Concept 2 and the increase in aerobic output wattage hewed very close to the 14% number for me.

    I'm also unclear what the reasoning behind a sub-170% VO2max 20s/10s HIIT protocol is, because the 10s rest period is intended to not allow the oxygen deficit to be filled before the next working set. If you're not reaching the same intensity in the 20s set (and therefore not producing as much of an oxygen deficit), you might decide that you don't care, and just go to 20s on 40s off (also quite a workout) and be just as happy, or you might decide that a shorter rest period is appropriate, like 20s/5s or 20s/8s.

    Those Crossfit wankers would probably put out a workout where you rearranged tea cozies on your side table for 20 seconds, and then laid on a fainting couch for 10 seconds, and call it Tabata.

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    Reorganizing tea cozies?

    You must have never seen Crossfit before.

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    Nick, how about tabata MDA forum posts? that's the one I do. It is a great finger work out. LOL. It's friday afternoon --- gotta have some fun.

    It's grandma, but you can call me sir.

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    Just because someone doesn't sustain 170% of VO2 max doesn't mean they can't get good results. I don't know any figures, but when Tabatas where a regular part of my routine I made huge anaerobic conditioning strides.

    Like someone mentioned, we call them Tabatas because of the 20/10 time just to make it easy. Personally I use them in a work capacity format, where I will note how many reps of each exercise I averaged per 20 secs and the next time I do them, I try to increase the reps/20 secs.

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    For those who have joint problems like me, maybe you could try swimming! My Tabata swimming workout is:

    Repeat 8x for Breast stroke, then 8x for Freestyle:

    Swim 40 meters all-out (heart rate goes to 165, takes about 35 seconds). Wait about 20 seconds for heart rate to reduce to below 140, then go again.

    You can adjust to 20 meters, 25 meters, 40 meters or 50 meters depending on your ability. I vary the workout by changing my rest periods, sometimes alternating between 15s and 25s rest periods.

    I do this work out AFTER my 20 minute weighlifting routine. Total time invested is 1 hour, and I do it twice a week. With this intensity level, you have to let your body recover!

    BTW, I bought a $35 Timex HR monitor at Costco, and it works great in water. Most expensive heart rate monitors do not work well in water. You don't even need a HRM, just listen to your body!

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    I like the tabata sledgehammer on a tire idea.

    Nick, what workouts are you doing if you think that Crossfit workouts are so easy they involve tea cozies...? That's just crazy talk.

    Also, what the heck's a "fainting couch". Are you from the 1800's?

    I do agree with you with regards to the intent and greater effectiveness of tabatas being done with 20 seconds of work using simple exerwith little or no weights.

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    Sorry, I was just trying to make a point about people using isolation exercises to attempt to reach a Tabata level of exertion. I know Crossfit's no joke. Doesn't mean you can do 20 seconds of really hard wrist curls and have it be 170%VO2max.

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