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Thread: Obesity costs us 17% of all medical $$ spent

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    Obesity costs us 17% of all medical $$ spent

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    This is not surprising, but it does put a dollar figure on the fat ass American.

    I have not read the entire study but the abstract should scare you!


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    I've seen studies where it's even higher than 17%! That may be not including related diabetes, heart disease, strokes, any number of minor illnesses...

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    This seems like an irrelevant topic to me. Obesity is a "weight" condition, but the underlying nutritional issues can affect both fat and skinny people alike.
    That said, the 17% is probably way too low if the term obese is being interpreted as a blanket term for "unhealthy" In that case I wouldn't be surprised if 80+% of medical costs were directly linked to inadequate health/nutrition.

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