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Thread: Eating more Fat = Increased Endurance?

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    Eating more Fat = Increased Endurance?

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    Assuming the following are true:

    1) The more fat we eat, the better we become at digesting it. Our gut bacteria gradually shifts towards a more fat-friendly state, and our bodies themselves change the way they operate (ketosis).

    2) Low intensity exercise burns fat, high intensity exercise burns glycogen, or ATP, or sugar in our muscles.

    3) As we exercise, we draw down our stocks of readily available energy, be they glycogen or fat.

    Would a ketosis - adapted person (or a primal person, in general) have a generally greater capacity to exert themselves over extended periods of time, due to a faster rate of energy stock (fat) digestion? Would such a person's upper threshold for using fat as fuel be higher? Eventually, would "fat loading" become effective before a race, as opposed to "carb loading" ?

    ...Just a thought I had on my hike today. Ideas?

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    Fat loading just sounds fun....

    "I'm at the 16 mile marker, let me reach for my pouch of bacon!"

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    Yes. For exerting over extended periods of time, but with the caveat of being lower intensity exercise.
    You cannot effectively access the calories and energy in fat while you are exercising in high intensity. It will depend on how long you are exercising for and what the intensity is, as to whether you are burning glycogen or fat as fuel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mav3rick View Post
    Fat loading just sounds fun....

    "I'm at the 16 mile marker, let me reach for my pouch of bacon!"
    hah! love it

    okey dokey!! I am doing my 1st half marathon in Feb... I think I'll bacon-load pre race

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    robb wolf just discussed this in one of his podcasts a week or two ago. i am not sure which number, but it was interesting stuff. the answer was yes...

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