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Thread: The effects of low-carbing on tweenagers

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    The effects of low-carbing on tweenagers

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    So my younger daughter (age 12) has been faithfully low-carbing and no-graining as much as possible, has dropped 50 pounds, and says she feels great.

    Last night we went out to eat. She can't have carbonated beverages, because she has braces (apparently the carbonation destroys the adhesive on braces mounts or something) so she ordered lemonade, which she's had before without issues. She and her sister split a plate of onion rings, too. This is our once-a-month splurge (well, for them; for me it's still 100% PB all the way).

    She discovered she can't do that anymore. She got sleepy, woozy, and so out of it we were considering taking her to the hospital. Then she ran for the ladies' room and... well, it all came back up. And then she rinsed her mouth out, came back to the table, ordered a water, and ate her bacon cheeseburger without bun as if nothing had happened. She also said she had learned her lesson: no more lemonade, and no more onion rings.

    I didn't think carbs could cause such a violent reaction in a 12-year-old. Now I know better. Water all the way!
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    Yikes! Let's get philosophical and just say that her system is young enough to not be shaped by decades of poor eating. Maybe her body recognized the poison and "exercised the demons"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Griff View Post
    So my younger daughter (age 12) has been faithfully low-carbing and no-graining as much as possible, has dropped 50 pounds, and says she feels great.
    wow.. i was amazed that she dropped 50 lb! for a 12 yr old girl that great.. her high school experience will be much different then what it would have been.
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    I have a touchy stomach too. If something doesn't agree with me, bam - up it comes! Then, things are good again.

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    My daughter, 14, has had a similar experience, from sugar. She has been on plan 80/20 for 2 months and dropped 25 pounds. Wish us old foggies could drop as easily as these young heffers!
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    Griff and Redflame, those are some great results for girls so young. I can feel the parental pride coming through the web page.

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    Not all "carbs" are refined white sugar and onion fried in rancid vegetable oils, so I wouldn't just blame "carbs". Just saying...

    Happy she has had such good results.

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    Heh, I am the former queen of shitty fried foods and I have never been able to handle onion rings. They don't usually make me puke, but they make me feel like I need to for hours every time I've eaten them.

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    my 14 year old is underweight. i made him pull up his shirt, and he is ripped.

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    what does she eat in terms of veggies on average?

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