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Thread: After 30 days of primal, the (blood) results are in!

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    After 30 days of primal, the (blood) results are in!

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    So just came back from the Dr. and got my blood test results. All he said was, "looks good, see you in a year". LOL. I don't know much but they seem good to me. Too bad I didn't take a before/after test to see what the change was. All the results were in mmol/L which I converted to mg/dL. If any of the conversions seem wrong, let me know. Any comments on the results are welcomed.

    Fasting Results

    Glucose - 3.8 mmol/l = 68.4 mg/dL
    HDL - 1.51 mmol/l = 59 mg/dL
    LDL - 2.52 mmol/l = 98 mg/dL
    Triglycerides - 0.19 mmol/l = 17 mg/dL

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    whoa I don't know much either but those look awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by codeguy View Post
    Great numbers! What were your pre-Primal levels?
    I hadn't been to the Dr. in years so unfortunately I don't have anything to compare with...

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