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Thread: Lack of sleep and muscle.

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    Lack of sleep and muscle.

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    I've been going on streak lately with little to no sleep due to insomnia, and I was wondering what, if any, effect this would have on muscle building? I still workout and eat PB really well, but the lack of sleep is truly an energy killer. Any thoughts?

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    Your cortisol levels will be way up which will hinder muscle repair and promote loss of bone tissue, among a lot of other things. Maybe stop training until you sort out your sleep.

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    Proper sleep is AT LEAST as important as proper nutrition and working out afaik. Most of the bodies cell repair happens at night while you're sleeping, and improper sleep will make your cortisol levels skyrocket, making it much more likely for your body to turn extra calories into fat rather than muscle.

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    IMHO you are going to lose muscle quickly, depending on how much you already have.

    I had a busy couple of weeks at work culminating in three 16 hour workdays with maybe 4-5 hours sleep. I lost four pounds and some strength, which is a lot for a guy who is 6' tall, 164 lbs, and has almost visible abdominals. In other words, I must have mostly lost lean mass which is *super irritating*.

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