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Thread: The Challenges of College Life

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    I'm also a primal college student. I buy mostly local free range stuff but usually spend under $50/week on food and very little prep time.
    I usually don't eat 3 meals a day, which helps with both my focus in the morning and the daily food cost.
    I eat lots of eggs, sausage, and tuna, which are relatively cheap. Also, flash-frozen wild caught fish can be quite cheap-- I sometimes find wild tilapia, flounder, etc. for $2/6 fillets at the grocery store.
    I buy leafy dark greens like kale, collards, chard instead of salad greens.
    If I buy chicken, I get the thighs or legs that are cheaper and more nutrient dense.
    Coconut milk curry with fish or chicken and leftover vegetables is cheap and delicious.
    Look for ethnic food stores or the asian or hispanic section of the grocery store-- often they have canned goods and nuts, etc cheaper than the conventional brands.

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    Thanks for the responses and well wishes, everyone!

    I'm definitely making a good shift. And I'm definitely employing the crockpot!

    You all are awesome! Thanks for helping me out on my primal transition.

    P.S. For those other college students out there on a budget, I switched to using baking soda as a shampoo replacement. It's great, especially since I can get a box for under a dollar. My hair is getting a lot softer and shinier also.

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