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Thread: Curious... if you buy your meat from a local farmer/supplier....

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    Question Curious... if you buy your meat from a local farmer/supplier....

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    How much do you pay for it?

    Around my area (Ontario, Canada) i've found the following prices for organic/grass fed meat:

    1.Texas Longhorn Beef/ Berkshire Pork 22lbs mixed cuts - $100 (includes straight to your door delivery)

    2. Black Angus Beef 25lbs - $99 (door delivery included)

    3. 1/4 Pig, mixed cuts - $150 (again, straight to my door delivery included)

    I've bought the first pkg. and have orders in for the other 2 pkgs also.. I figure this will fill my freezer nicely and last me quite a while as my husband won't touch anything "organic"... (go figure?!). More for me!

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    I buy my beef, chicken and eggs from a local farmer. I actually found him through the registry. I don't have a large freezer and no one to share the meat with right now, so I buy on-line at his website and just buy by the lb. Then he has it all ready for me to pick up on Sat. morning at my local farmer's market. I love this arrangement and because I've developed a good customer relationship, he often gives me a nice discount or will add an extra carton of eggs, more lbs., etc. The meat and the eggs are outstanding and I could never buy from the store again, no matter the cost!

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