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Thread: For those struggling...

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    For those struggling...

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    I just want to tell you a story of the last 2 months since beginning this journey.

    I started with MASSIVE food cravings for grains and sugar. I ate wheat probably 5 times a day. I drank at least 2-3 sweetened coffee drinks daily (read: 1000 calories from those alone). I had weight loss surgery over a year ago, lost 70 pounds, but have another 70 to lose. From my highest weight of 365, I'm down to 255, so 110 pounds lost total. When I started this journey, I don't think I realized that I had gained back a few pounds, but I had. I have since lost them and still continuing. I didn't believe I would ever be able to give up grains and sugar.

    I listened to some very wise people (MamaGrok, TigerLily to name just a couple) who told me to eat the good stuff and it would replace the bad stuff. Normally I'm a very linear person, so that was backwards to me. I felt like I had to get rid of all the bad stuff first. But I just went with their suggestions. I started eating more real foods, more protein, more fat. I took fish oil and fermented cod liver oil. I didn't tell myself I couldn't have things because that would have made me want them. I also have autoimmune (Hashimoto's) thyroid disease, so I knew I really needed to change my ways.

    Here's the deal: I'm not fully primal yet. I am getting there. I have been gluten-free for weeks now. That is a HUGE task for me. I didn't think it was possible. I had tried and tried in the past to no avail. I couldn't last 2 days. I don't really eat grains other than some rice/almond crackers here and there, and I don't crave them anymore. I can't believe it. As for the coffee drinks, well, I'm down to 1 per day. Otherwise I drink water, green, and white tea for the most part.

    It just "happened." Like magic. They were right. I had to give my body the nutrients it needed and it has somehow shut off that incessant craving for carbs and sugar. I have also been able to get off the PPI (prilosec) for acid reflux and I'm down to Zantac, which is significantly less potent. I plan to get off this in the next couple months. I'm not going to lie; some days are ROUGH with the acid, but it's usually when I had too many carbs the day before (sweet potatoes, rice/almond crackers, fruit, etc).

    So, I just wanted to encourage all of you who feel like you can't do this. I'm not perfect, but I'm getting better. And thank you TigerLily and MamaGrok. Because of your level-headed approach, I "saw the light" and finally realized I just had to take it slow. Maybe that's not the case for some, but for me, that was what worked.

    I'm sitting here, eating a beautiful salad with a raw apple cider/olive oil vinaigrette, that I would have never eaten the past. It can be done! You can change, even if you think there's no way out.

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    What an inspirational story. May it continue feeling this "right" to you!

    Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
    Primal since July 2010...skinniest I've ever been and the least stressed about food

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    Love this story!

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    Thank you for sharing. You are an inspiration!


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    You go girl! It's worth every struggle to find what's best for your body isn't it?!

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    Thank you for posting this, Shannon. You and I have something in common! Weight problems from a failing thyroid. My doc chased mine over a 6 year period with ever-increasing doses that just didn't quite keep up with it.

    I decided to go "cold turkey" on getting the grains and dairy out. I felt crummy for about 3 days, with the 2nd day being the toughest. I ate low carb berries, frozen grapes, and frozen cherries the first week or so, at night, because this is where my usual "snack-attack" would hit.

    Then, I decided to give up the fruit to make sure to get over the insulin problems. I am amazed! I no longer crave a snack at night. Keep at it, and give your body a chance to let you know you really don't need the carbs.

    Have you tried FitDay? I love it, and it keeps me motivated to keep on improving my choices.

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    Great story!! Thanks for sharing
    "It's never too late to be what you might have been." George Eliot

    "Excuses are like asses, some are just bigger than others" Kathryn Martyn Smith

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    wow Shannon!! thanks so much for letting us hear your story. I love hearing another person "kick the habit" when I hear so many others say "oh I could never give up ______" (insert crappy grain or sugar food item). It's also inspirational to those of us still trying to overcome (remaining) obstacles.
    Keep at it girl, you Grok!

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    Wow, Shannon!!!

    What an inspiration---thanks for sharing your story with us <3

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    Thanks Shannon! Hope the newbies read this regularly!

    I found the grains and gluten extremely easy to give up - one day they were there...the next they weren't and I haven't experienced a single craving for them since (apart from standing next to a stand of extremely pretty cupcakes and a cabinet of carrot and chocolate cakes) I find the smell of bread (not fresh bread but the wrapped stuff) - smells toxic to me - it smells dead

    and sugary things, again - down to the last vestiges of sugary items, which still have real sugar (no HFCS for me!) but clinging on for dear life is the chocolate addiction, I know lots of people round here have a square of chocolate a week, i'm still on a few squares a day...(even if it is 85%. trying to replace this with boiled eggs and roast beef - I just have to remember to boild some damned eggs instead of watching The Apprentice!)

    but thanks to great stories like yours - I can see how well I am doing and not to beat myself up over it....I'm making the changes to get that stuff out as well but also enjoying eating real food.

    thanks shannon and do keep up up to are now in the "wise and level headed" club!
    Scottish Sarah

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