Hi Mark and everyone.

I'd just like to get your thoughts about the use of organic oat bran in my protein shakes. Before finding out about the Primal principles, I had been adding a tablespoon a day to my breakfast shake, and found it helped greatly with my regularity (I've often had elimination issues). Having read Mark's interesting posts on fibre and grains in general, I understand the general Primal view on insoluble fibre and the difficulties it may contribute to (internal irritation, nutrient binding, etc), but does the mainly soluble fibre in oat bran also cause the same difficulties?

Any other suggestions (of a dietary nature, that is) to assist in reducing constipation, if fruit, vegies and nuts just aren't doing enough for me? (And yes, I have read the delightful "pooping" articles and posts on MDA <g> I'm not quite up to balancing on the toilet seat in a full squat just yet!)