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Thread: What about buckwheat? (High Blood Pressure help?)

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    What about buckwheat? (High Blood Pressure help?)

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    I'm reading, on a friend's recommendation, The High Blood Pressure Hoax by Sherry A. Rogers, MD. In it, she writes about the value of _some_ whole grains in helping to reduce blood pressure and stabilize blood sugars. She writes...."Don't forget that buckwheat is NOT a member of the wheat family, which our diets are so overloaded with. Wheat can trigger opioid receptors in the brain, leading to addiction to it, and the gluten in wheat can cause serious intestinal damage at any time of life leading to malabsorbtion of nutrients, as well as depression and arthritis. In addition...gluten-triggered celiac disease can masquerade as any symptom, begin at any time, and is insidiously on the rise with very few physicians diagnosing it. Buckwheat (not a member of the wheat family) is beneficial in improving cholesterol levels as well as blood sugar in diabetics.

    She recommends putting equal parts of raw buckwheat groats and sunflower seeds sprinkled with a small handfull of almonds in a bowl of water before going to bed. Then, in the morning, drain them and add yogurt, berries, kefir, nutmilk, etc. to make a healthy cereal. She claims that after a few days of eating this cereal, constipation and blood toxicity will clear. (althought she does say those with colitis might find the recipe intolerable.)

    So, for those who know about this stuff, what are your thoughts on this advice? Are raw buckwheat groats ok?

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    The answer is NO to Buckwheat: Here is the link:

    The answer to high blood pressure is the Pure PB Diet. My wifes blood pressure has dropped to 40 year lows [to normal] in only 8 weeks of eating PB. Ditto my own BP AND heart rate. For decades my resting heart rate was high [95 to 105] and came down slowly. Now 8 weeks into PB, my resting HR is 80 to 85 and falls rapidly.

    My advice is to focus on PB Dishes. See my links below for the horrors of wheat & grains. Almonds, almond milk & Almond flour are A-OK, so too is coconut flour, milk & oils. Greek Yougurt, kefir, berries are A-OK

    Best to you,

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