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Thread: Coffee Issues - Help Coffee Drinkers!

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    Coffee Issues - Help Coffee Drinkers!

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    Since going on the PB diet, I have noticed that coffee leaves a lump in the back of my throat when I drink it. I am a very regular coffee drinker, so this is particularly odd. Also of note, when I make coffee at home, I get a very slight lump (just to clarify, it's not a physical lump, but rather a sensation,) while when I drink it at work (Keurig coffee pods) the lump is very large.

    Has anybody else experienced this? What could be causing it? Now that I only drink coffee, tea and water, this is particularly important to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doghead View Post
    If I were to take a very wild guess, I'd say you are having a reaction to either the coffee or something your are putting in your coffee.

    What is the difference between what you drink at home/at work?
    They are a bunch of factors that could be different. I have no idea what is in those coffee pods for starters. Plus, at home I use a french press and grind the beans myself. I think I have varying reactions depending on where I get the coffee (home v work v Starbucks v Caribou.)

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    That'd be the next step - switch out coffee, and start experimenting. Probably the cheaper the coffee, the more adverse a reaction.

    I have a similar reaction to cheap/processed chocolate. If I eat something like a Milky Way or Snickers, I would always get this itchiness in the back of my throat, would last for a few hours. When eating 70+% chocolate, there is not itchiness. Never noticed this until I went primal.
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    maybe my body was already so distressed that it had bigger things to worry about before? haha. i am very curious as to what it is in the coffee that is causing this reaction.

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    Maybe it's the acidity levels in different kinds of coffee. I really couldn't tell you, just spit-balling ideas. What are you putting in your coffee? Could that be making a difference?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skink531 View Post
    Maybe it's the acidity levels in different kinds of coffee. I really couldn't tell you, just spit-balling ideas. What are you putting in your coffee? Could that be making a difference?
    i just drink it black, so that can be ruled out.

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    I had to switch brands after i went primal, pre-primal i had cut out cream and sweetners to try and cut calories so i had already adapted to drinking it black but i was drinking a cheap brand and for some reason it just grossed me out i think my tastes just changed so i had to switch to a more expensive brand after being primal for awhile, it was weird i got up one day to have a cup and thought this is gross i can't drink this crap anymore. so i had to shop around but after a couple tries of other brands i found two i like.

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    As you remove other body-shocking sources from your diet like sugar and carbs, you could be becoming more sensitive to caffeine. Not sure how to test for that though...just a wild thought.

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    I drink iced coffees (with an espresso shot added) from Starbucks with heavy cream. Never once had a lump in my throat sensation.

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    I feel like we really have not gotten to the bottom of this. Does anybody know of any irritants in coffee that may cause a lump in the throat?

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