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Thread: how was your hunger at the start of going primal? page

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    how was your hunger at the start of going primal?

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    i have been approx 95% primal for the past 4 days. At first i my hunger was fine, normal, ok..
    All of a sudden tonight, i am starving! Can't seem to feed the worms in my tummy! I have had a good dinner and since then i have had 2 boiled eggs, handfuls of nuts, some olives and cheese, a bit of roast chicken, whipped cream and a small amount of berries.

    Writing this i feel like an absolute pig! And this is just after dinner! I know i shouldn't be feeling guilty but i am, partly due to the amount of nuts i've been eating. Some of the info on nuts is starting to freak me out so i'm going to stay off them for a few days at least.

    Can someone please help me with some advice! I ate primal approx 6 years ago ( more info in the newbies section) and had no trouble with hunger.

    I should add that i do exercise. Approx 30 min moderate cardio each day and weights everys econd day ( i am working on refining this to a more primal way)

    Thanks Heaps (in advance) for your thoughts!


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    I noticed that the first week that I was eating primal that I was constantly hungry. This is only my 3rd week but last week was definitely better than the first. I would definitely like to see a more experienced persons input on this!
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    I know that hunger! I had the same problem- I was fine had a decent appetite and then I seemed to not get enough food. I found that if I added some starch in the form of squash, sweet potato and plaintains it took the hunger away. I don't eat them everyday, but it really helped, especially when I was doing a lot of cycling. I also had to up my fat intake but not with dairy.

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    If you still feeling hungry try uping your fat. Nothing fills you up and keeps you full like fat. And about the cardio, cardio makes you hungry.

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    *hands you sticks of butter* Two of these and call me in the morning.

    Sorry, couldn't resist. When I first started, I made it a point to add fat to everything I ate just because I knew I would be hungry. It helped a lot. Even though my overall intake was pretty darn high, I still lost and it made the transition a heck of a lot easier. Though some people disagree with dairy, I still have good results with sour cream, butter, and heavy cream (no milk though).

    From what you listed as your food for the day, though it doesn't seem like a lot. How much chicken is a "bit"? 4 ounces? 8? I average about 10-14 ounces of meat a day (I don't eat many eggs). Perhaps your body is telling you that you simply need more food. Personal experience speaking here though, I'm only 'expert' on myself and even that's touch and go. :P

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    I was hungry as hell for the first few weeks. But now it is all good. I can even skip some meals.

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    Eat a BIG chunk of butter or down a can of coconut milk. Wait 15 mins. See if you're still hungry.

    Ever since going primal, hunger is the last thing on my mind. I simply eat til I'm absolutely stuffed with as much fat as necessary. Lost 80lbs + always full. Can't think of a better way to live life!

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    My hunger was insatiable in the beginning. It has since leveled off but Im trying to eat more like I did when I first started because Im trying to gain weight.

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    I went primal 30 days ago and used fitday to track my calories, etc. I was hitting 60-65% of my calories from fat (from olive oil, nuts, eggs and whatever was in the meat/fish/fowl I was eating). At that level, I never experienced any hunger. It could also be that your insulin levels are going to take a while to normalize after the adjustment before you cut over to using more fat as a fuel.

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    i was very concerned with being hungry all the time, so i just crushed lots of meat with lots of oil. that did the trick. it also made me feel full enough to not be tempted. the first few weeks, you feel pretty weird, but i wouldn't worry too much about the weight loss and just focus on the conversion. feeling full and getting sleep will help you stick to it.

    as an aside, i've been on the pb for six weeks and i've lost 30 lbs (280->250). i don't even work out or do anything different. just eat 100% primal.

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