My results of being primal for 4 months were great!
Pattern A LDL
TC 215
HDL 69
TG 59
LDL 134
Vldl 13

Very happy with this!

My husband-not good news
We have been eating the same. Strict primal, regular primal exercise...

His results:

* means high

LDL 239 *
HDL 55
VLDL 22 *
Total C 317*
Triglyceride 99
LDL+vldl 261*
Apob100 175*
LDL-r 226*
lp(a) 0.0
Idl 13
Idl+ vldl3 25
Hdl-2 12
Hdl-3 43
Vldl-3 12*
LDL density pattern B

His grandfathers on both sides died of heart attack or heart issues. Uncles on both sides have had heart attacks, his dad is currently battling high cholesterol, high blood pressure.

My husband is ReadyToGrok if you want to look at his journal
Right now our plan is to add on Coqu10 maybe niacin? Please comment. If you have family history of heart disease is primal diet not right? We don't want to go back to grains. What do we do?